Roof Valley Leak Repair

Photo shows how to avoid a roof valley leak repair in Virginia

How to Avoid Roof Valley Leak Repair in Virginia

Leak repairs are common occurrences in a roof, but roofing repair contractors know these leaks can also be the most difficult to locate. Usually repairs are needed wherever the slopes of a roof come together. A joint is created that must be protected from water by a special type of roof flashing. For various reasons these low areas or “valleys” deteriorate and become susceptible to leaks. When this happens, contractors are required to fix roof valley issues to protect the interior of your home from water damage. “Out of sight is out of mind” is not the best way to go when considering roof repairs. Failing to give your roof the attention it deserves can be very costly in the long run. Minor roof shingle repair is inexpensive compared with the cost of ripping out and replacing sections of your roof, attic, ceilings and walls when you have extensive water damage. A roof valley leak left unattended can eventually cause your ceiling to cave in, destroying your flooring and furniture. Mold Growth

Unseen moisture buildup that is hiding in your walls can cause health concerns for your family also. The goal is to repair leak as soon as they are discovered before the moisture invades your home and causes bigger problems. Toxic mold growth and insect infestation that you cannot see until it is too late can be a very costly repair. When there are compromises in the seal between the roofing materials and the flashing, rainwater running down the slopes of the roof is forced under the flashing and the shingles. You need to hire a contractor to fix the damages correctly. Is A Big Factor

Fluctuations in the temperature and exposure to the sun can weaken and crack the roofing cement. Leaves and other organic debris that collects in the roof valleys have an adverse effect on the shingles as it decomposes. Cracks develop in the shingles that allow water to penetrate the roof. Prevent this with a roof inspection. Heat and cold breaks down and cracks the rubber collars around exhaust pipes which allows water to enter the attic.. Variables

In the winter, water collecting under the shingles and flashing from ice dams wreaks havoc on the integrity of your roof. The melt-off from the ice dams will back up through the gaps under the flashing in the roof valleys and cause water damage even in freezing temperatures. Once the pooled water turns to ice overnight the flashing is forced to twist out of shape. Keeping the roof clear of debris in the summer and snow in the winter makes a difference, but getting your Virginia roofing repair contractors to do a roof inspection is the best way to protect your home from the high cost of water damage. It is always a smart idea to have a semi-annual inspection completed, checking roof integrity. Weather plays a role in the degradation of materials and water has a way of making its way into your home. You might see the staining of your ceiling as a leak indicator or the moisture may hide inside the walls and cause other costly problems. Remember, it is less expensive to take care of the issues immediately than to wait and allow them to compound into costly repairs in the future. 3-pic

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