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Fairfax County Roof Repair Contractor Offers Free Roof Inspection

Fairfax County is known throughout the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area as a desirable place to live because of its elegant homes, stellar school system, and abundance of amenities. As a result, the real estate market in Fairfax County is aggressive and many local residents are concerned about either maintaining or increasing their property values.

Photo of Roof repair Maintenance that will preserve a homes value in Fairfax County, Virginia

Annual roof repair maintenance in Fairfax County that includes sealing a skylight, roof pipe flashing and ridge vents can add years to your roof

Whether you choose to sell or stay, if you are a Fairfax homeowner you need to invest in regular roof repair and maintenance now to preserve your home’s value, enhance its curb appeal, and keep up with neighborhood rules and covenants about appearance.

Why maintain your roof?

The importance of regular roof maintenance and having an annual roof inspection conducted by a professional roofing contractor cannot be understated. Your roof is both a major aesthetic design element of your home and a critical protective structure that preserves the integrity and functionality of every other component of your house. A neglected roof is both unsightly and a threat to other parts of your house, from your framing and drywall to your foundation.

A properly licensed and insured roofing contractor will possess the specialized training and skills to spot and correct small roof problems before they become expensive disasters. They will also be able to find signs and symptoms of emergent problems much better than a homeowner or handyman can. For example, a qualified roofing contractor will note subtle signs of roof trouble like granules in gutters, algae stains, cracked caulk, rust on roof fixtures, curling or peeling shingles, separation between metal parts, or peeling paint below roof overhangs. Your roofing inspector will also be able to safely access areas around dormer windows, skylights, chimneys, vents and pipes without damaging your roof.

Image of a Roofer doing a Free Roof Inspection in Fairfax County

Free Fairfax County roof inspection will be visually performed to inspect all penetrations for active and potential roof leaks around skylights, roof pipes, vents, chimneys, damaged shingles, windows and much more.

Annual roof inspections are the best way to catch small leaks before they expand, spread, and cause unhealthful conditions like rot, corrosion and mold. Even a tiny roof leak can lead to multiple thousands of dollars of major damage to framing, drywall, insulation, carpet and more in only a matter of months! By having your roof checked at least once per year, you will avoid this type of costly damage to the structure of your house.

Weather Events That Harm

In addition to a thorough annual roof inspection conducted by a qualified professional, you should also consult with your roofing contractor any time your home undergoes an unusual storm or weather event. In recent years, Fairfax County has seen its share of storms with wind speeds reaching 40 to 60 miles per hour (or more), summer rains so strong multiple inches of precipitation have fallen in less than an hour, and multiple consecutive days of blistering heat reaching 100 degrees or more. Extreme conditions like these will hurt your roof and compromise its longevity.

Image of a roofer doing a Same Day Ridge Vent Leak Repair in Fairfax County Virginia

This loose ridge vent was installed incorrectly. Sealant must always be applied underneath the ridge vent then secured into the rafters. This will prevent the ridge vent from becoming loose and it will now be water tight from hard driving rains and melting snow.

In addition to tossing damaging debris onto your roof, storms with driving winds can cause water to penetrate your ridge vents, or shingles and flashings to strip off of the edges of your roof deck. Intense summer heat subjects your roof to oven-like conditions that degrade waterproof coatings and cause shingles to expand, curl, crack and buckle. Anytime you believe your roof has been compromised by weather, have your roofing contractor examine it for damage within a week, especially before any minor problems become major catastrophes.

In an upscale area like Fairfax County, having an attractive, functional and well maintained roof is a critical part of responsible homeownership. In addition to repairing damage and replacing worn parts, conducting regular roof repair and maintenance will promote energy efficiency, ensure your interior environment is comfortable year round in terms of both temperature and humidity, and maintain your home’s value over time.

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