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When you hear the term “Nor’easter,” you probably think of faraway places like Maine or Canada, not Northern Virginia. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), however, Nor’easters are Virginia’s most powerful winter storms!
Nor’easters are characterized by gale force winds in a northeasterly direction, large amounts of heavy snow, freezing rain, flooding and sleet, and can last for several days. Northern Virginia homes can sustain significant damage from these Nor’easters, including the occasional and rare roof collapse.

Regular Inspections

If your Northern Virginia house experiences a Nor’easter, you should hire a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof as soon as safely possible after the storm. Here are some of the typical types of roof damage that can occur during a Nor’easter:

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Strong winds not only cause blown off shingles in Northern Virginia, it also damages roof flashings, ridge vents, siding and missing soffits.

•    Heavy winds produce intense pressure or intense suction, which will cause the most damage at your roof’s edges; these forces can peel metal edging, rip off shingles or tiles, or split the seams of your roofing material
•    Pelting rain or sleet driven by these strong winds can penetrate your ridge or soffit vents
•    Ice dams can form, especially if attic heating and ventilation systems fail due to power loss
•    Melting water trapped under snow or by ice dams can penetrate your shingles and waterproof sheathing to cause leaks or flooding in your attic
•    Wet, heavy snow and sleet can pile up to exert tremendous force on your roof, particularly on the leeward (downwind) side, stressing or crushing the support structures beneath (for example, NBC News estimates two feet of snow exerts 19 tons of pressure on an average roof)
•    Flying tree branches and debris can puncture your roof, break your skylights, knock over chimneys or cause other destruction
Although roof collapses in Northern Virginia are rare, you should learn the telltale signs of a roof that is in imminent danger of collapse so you can evacuate your home safely if needed. If at any time during or after the Nor’easter you start to hear loud noises such as pops, snaps, or cracking, leave your residence immediately and call a Northern Virginia roof repair Contractor immediately!

Roof Issues

Other signs that your roof might be under too much stress include doors that pop open by themselves or suddenly become extremely difficult to open; bending interior pipes; sudden cracks in walls or ceilings; or severe leaking and flooding.
Contract with a professional roofing firm to inspect your roof, attic, and surrounding structures after the Nor’easter passes; ask for proof of insurance, licensure and credentials to ensure you find a quality contractor.

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Emergency tarp service in Northern Virginia will only be used if the roof repairs can’t be completed on the same day.

In the immediate aftermath of the storm, your professional roofing contractor can put up blue tarps to prevent further damage, safely remove debris or snow with a roof rake, and work up a detailed estimate for items that require repair or replacement. Some contractors will even assist you with insurance reporting or offer you complimentary re-inspections.

Preventative Maintenance

When the time comes to replace your roof due to its advanced age, talk with your roofing contractor about special roofing products, materials and options that can better survive Northern Virginia Nor’easters. For example, ask about options like secondary moisture barriers to fortify your roof’s sheathing, impact-resistant asphalt shingles, proper bracing for gables, metal “hurricane clips” that can connect your roof to the walls of your house, or similar technologies. Your contractor will advise you as to which options are appropriate for your home based on your home’s age, architecture and local microclimate conditions. By preparing in advance, having annual roof inspections, and conducting preventive maintenance on a regular basis, you will ensure the strength and survivability of your roof through Northern Virginia’s toughest storm conditions.

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