Skylight Leak Repair

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Skylight Leak Repairs & Estimates in Virgina

The smart homeowner will have his repairs performed by a certified roofing contractor. Unfortunately, too many homeowners will try to save a buck when it comes to roof repairs. A home owner knows that he can go down to the local home repair outlet store and buy a bucket of roofing tar. If he can repair the skylight window himself, he can save money. In theory this is true. But, the fact is leak repairs can be one of the trickiest to manage. Your Roof for Leaks

A locally based and properly certified roofing contractor will know how to safely inspect your entire roof without damaging it, unlike a general handyman, who might not know how to address unusual roof designs or access steep roof angles. Your roofing contractor will possess the equipment necessary to access roof points that are high above ground level, areas a homeowner should not attempt to reach. A home owner can only see that the skylight leaks. He is not aware of how the skylight window is built before it is repaired or a new one is installed. If he did he would know there is a flashing around the frame of the window that is used to keep water away from the opening. The flashing could be damaged. The frame could be damaged. The roof itself underneath the skylight window could be damaged. Stains On Your Ceiling

As a homeowner, you should be aware if there are any water stains around the skylight. If you see a water stain that is near the top of the skylight, there could be a chance the roofing materials around the skylight are damaged. Water may be leaking down into your roof and finding its way between the shingles and skylight and into your home. A leak can cause minimal damage in the short term, but over time if the leak has not been fixed the damages can become costly. If you do see signs of a leak at the top of your skylight, call a roofing professional to inspect the flashing and pipe collars on your roof. It is not recommended to replace the flashing yourself. Are Many Variables To Be Considered

The nails used to install the window could be loose or even fallen out. The shingles or roofing material could be damaged. There are a lot of variables that must be considered before even attempting to repair one of these tricky leaks. Each one of these items must be checked and repaired if needed so that the skylight window does not leak. Oh, and it’s a good idea to keep a home owner off of a ladder so he doesn’t fall off of the roof or through the skylight. Your roofer can replace flashing’s, re-caulk around pipes and windows, replace pipe collars, patch the roof where there are missing shakes or shingles, and stop the leak so your home won’t sustain further damage and cost you more money in the long run. We are your Virginia roof repair specialists. We know what to look for to estimate your repairs fairly and get the job done quickly. With over 40 years of experience, you want to call us for your skylight repairs. Our high quality work, fair prices, and written guarantee make you smart using us for all of your roofing needs. 4-pic

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