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Vinyl siding repair is not a home maintenance issue that can be ignored. It’s true that your siding gives your house curb appeal, covering up tattered or worn masonry or wood that made your home look bad. It increases the aesthetic and market value of your home, but it also adds endurance against the weather. When you have siding damage from exposure to the elements or an accidental impact, it fails to protect the house from the environment. You won’t be happy about the repair bill to fix the damage that occurs over time if you don’t fix vinyl siding issues now.

Punctured or cracked siding allows rain and snow to get to the materials in your home that are not water-resistant. Siding damage also happens when the fasteners come loose and you see it sagging or pulling away from the walls. Once moisture gets behind the siding, your walls suffer from water damage and rot. We have over 41 years of experience in vinyl siding repairs for Northern Virginia home owners. We have perfected the techniques for matching entire walls or small sections and making your home watertight.

Insider Tips for Vinyl Siding Repair

We repair siding with one goal in mind – to stop further damage to your house immediately. A careful assessment of the siding damage determines our course of action. Small cracks or punctures can be resolved by removing the section creating the issue. We use a siding zipper to lift the panel directly above, creating enough space to extract the fasteners from the problem section. Our siding contractors work with artistic finesse to cut the exact replacement to cover the open area. Once again the siding zipper is used to pull up the flange while the new piece is inserted. The panel is nailed securely and then the interlocking flanges are set in precise alignment. We fix vinyl siding with exceptional proficiency in all areas on Northern Virginia.

For contractors with our level of skill, vinyl siding repairs can seem easy. Don’t be tricked into thinking this is a simple job for a do-it-yourself home owner. When we repair siding we must work with accuracy and take care not to cause more damage to the surrounding panels. We cannot afford to make mistakes since this affects the seal between your home and the elements. Errors result in hazardous situations. Badly placed nails split the materials behind the vinyl panels, causing expensive repair bills. Don’t take this risk when we can do vinyl siding repairs that protect your home and last for years.

We are Experts in Vinyl Siding Repair

There is nothing quite as disheartening as watching strips of paneling get torn off the side of your house in a big windstorm. Once the first panel goes the rest of them are in immediate jeopardy. It can get complicated repairing this extent of damage since you are potentially dealing with hundreds of fasteners or masonry nails. It takes a professional to handle a big job like this. Likewise, if you do something such as set your outdoor grill too close to the exterior wall and burn the panels you’ll need a Northern Virginia siding repair contractor who is familiar with vinyl siding to take care of it. Over the years, we have seen every type of siding damage possible. Call us today! You will be happy to know your home is in the hands of the experts.

Areas We Service For Siding Repair.

•    Northern Virginia
•    Fairfax County
•    Loudoun County
•    Prince William County


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