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Ridge Vent Repair in Fairfax and All Northern Virginia

The ridge vent sits on highest peak on the roof of your house and are especially important for allowing proper circulation inside the attic. A roofing ridge vent is a feature in the design of your roof built by roofing companies to prevent an over abundance of moisture that leads to water damage inside your home. Without enough ventilation in the attic, condensation forms with no way to escape and damages your roofing materials. The trapped moisture soaks into the attic structure, leading to rot and mildew. It trickles through to the ceiling and walls, causing water stains and deterioration. Your attic becomes a breeding ground for black mold and you’ll need a ridge vent repair done ASAP! It may not seem practical at first to leave ridge vents with openings at the top of your roof, but without it the hot air cannot escape. The air from the soffit vent under the eaves flows upward and exits through the opening under the roof vents. It is typically about 3 inches wide and runs most or all of the length of the house. As it escapes, it takes away the excess humidity caused by the heat of the sun pounding on the roof when it meets the cooler interior temperature of the attic. The vent is specifically designed to cover the opening and protect it from rain and snow, while allowing air to get out. Ridge vents are used for roof ventilation for metal roofs, shingle roofs and tile roofs.

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Your condensation problems are most often blamed on the roof. When in fact, may be that the intake vents or fans may not be functioning properly, closed or blocked. Just because you have a fan in the bathroom and kitchen that makes a noise when you turn it on, don’t assume that it is actually drawing air out of the house. Fact is, your kitchen and bathroom fans must be operating correctly. That is, they must be drawing air out of the room where they are located. Warm, moist air, which leaks into the attic from the living area below, can raise the relative humidity in the attic to a level that promotes mold growth. Elevated humidity in the attic can promote mold growth and increase the moisture content in the wood framing to a level that promotes fungal growth and rotting. If the warm, moist air in the attic comes in contact with attic surfaces, which have been cooled to the dew point temperature by colder outside temperatures, condensation will form on the attic surfaces. The condensation can damage the surfaces on which it forms and on surfaces on which it drips.

When Ridge Vent Installation is Done Wrong

There are some things that can go wrong with your ridge vent and you’ll need roofing repair. If it has not been properly fastened every 16 – 24 inches into the rafters and the proper sealant underneath, it will be torn away from the roof in high winds causing a roof vent leak. You risk having torrential amounts of rain pouring into the house when this happens. If the fasteners have not been sufficiently covered with sealant, rain water and melting snow can seep under the shingles. You’ll need to complete repairs immediately and plywood replacement.roof.net-ridge-vent-leak-repair-va-new

Even with a correctly installed ridge vent, eventually it will require roof repair. Over time the sealant will shrink and crack from exposure to the sun and the elements and you’ll have roofing vent issues. At least once a year, roofing companies recommend inspecting your roof for leaks, and this is when evidence of the need for ridge vent repair will show up. Tiny amounts of water could be getting under your shingles and this will cause damage to the roof deck before it reaches the attic. In the winter, the water-saturated wood freezes, expands and forces the shingles to become loose. Fixing roofs has graduated into a new era of technology. Ask you roofer from Roof.net to use their infrared devices to locate roof leaks before your roof becomes permanently damaged and you need emergency roof repair.

How Long Will It Take To Be Completed?roof.net-ridge vent leak repair

The length of time it takes to repair your roof normally depends on the size, pitch, weather conditions and accessibility. Repairing a typical roof leak can take as little as thirty minutes. Roof maintenance usually takes at least an hour or so, and can include things such as re-sealing all vents, cleaning out your gutters. Removing any debris, clearing away tree branches and checking roof for random penetrations, cracks, and damages should be taken care of also. The trickier roofing repair job is normally completed in one to two days. However, it depends on how easily the origination of the leak is located, the size or complexity makes the timing varied.

If you are seeing any condensation buildup on your windows, it could be a good indicator that there may be a problem with the air flow of your home. Contact roof.net to take a look at your vents and take care of the problem right away so you can stop potential toxic mold growth.


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