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If you don’t bother to check the oil in your car, you have a rude awakening when it suddenly won’t start or shuts down on the road. Unlike car trouble, an issue with the roof is not immediately noticeable. Your roof can develop a leak long before you even know it exists. The shock you experience when your car dies on the spot is similar the surprise you feel when water starts dripping through your ceiling in a rainstorm. Obviously you need to check the fluid levels in your vehicle but you may not be aware of the need to have a regular roof inspection VA roof repair company you can trust. detectionPrevent Roof Leak Damage with Regular Roof Inspections

When water is able to get through the roof of your house it does a lot of damage before you actually get to see the evidence. It is frustrating to see wet spots on the ceiling and walls that turn into ugly stains, but this is superficial. Behind the scenes there is a lot more going on. The water seeping into the roof speeds up the deterioration process of the shingles, allowing a network of hairline cracks to develop. The roof sheathing soaks up some of the moisture and breaks down. The fasteners and adhesives that keep the roofing materials in place lose their functionality, allowing more water to enter.

The materials that were used to construct your home are not resistant to excess moisture. Mildew and rot eventually set in. Materials such as insulation that are not directly affected by water become a breeding ground for colonies of toxic black mold. Your insurance policy may or may not cover these damages, but why go through all that hassle when it could be avoided in the first place with a scheduled roof inspection?

A roof starts to deteriorate the moment it is installed, so after a few years it is inevitable you will have problems. Add a few disasters into the works, such as a hailstorm or high winds and your issues quickly escalate. The benefit of having us give you a free roof inspection a couple times a year is stopping the water leaks before they get any worse. As long as you take preventative steps, you may never have an emergency.

Roof Inspections Include the Gutter detection-gutter

An inspection of the gutter system should be mandatory during your home maintenance routine. The gutter system plays a very important part in managing the water run-off around the home. Poor water run-off through your gutters tend to be the primary cause of water problems in your basement, as excess water is not properly drained away from your home. Water that remains in you gutters and downspouts for a length of time can lead to many other problems and put you and your family at risk for health concerns. Clogged gutters can lead to the development of mold, spores and pests like mosquito’s. These harmful micro-organisms may cause serious damage or evoke allergies in you and your family. detection-repairHow Long Will Your Roof Repair Last?

When you are diligent and get quality repairs completed from professional roofers, your roof repair can last as long as the rest of your roof lasts. As long as you can spot and correct small problems before they become larger issues that cause damage to the interior of your home.
Because weather is such a major factor in your home, completing roof repairs and regular maintenance can lengthen your roof’s longevity.

Taking care of your roof is just like taking care of your family. Inspections and preventative maintenance can lengthen the life of your roof and save you money.

Areas Service For Roof Inspection.
•    Northern Virginia
•    Fairfax County
•    Loudoun County
•    Prince William County



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