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Photo of Roofers performing a Chimney Leak Repair in Fairfax Virginia

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A leaky roof is more than a nuisance if you own a Virginia home needing chimney repair and it can be terribly frustrating to locate the leak before the chimney repairs are completed. It can be a trial and error situation until repair companies find the culprit. is one of the only roofing companies in northern Virginia that is equipped with infrared scanners that can locate the chimney problem within minutes. If your roof is leaking from chimney cracks it is important to repair it as soon as possible. By the time you notice water seeping into your ceiling; it has already affected much of the structure of your roof deck and attic. One of the most common places for water to enter is through openings in the chimney flashing. Roofing repairs to your leaks will be less costly than fixing extensive structural damage caused by months or years of water saturation.

Image of Chimney Leak Repair in Virginia

Chimney crown was completely deteriorated which caused many of the bricks to become loose due to moisture.

Most chimneys require four different types of flashing to secure seams and joints. Every one of these creates the potential for a leaky roof repair.  Owning a fireplace adds value to your home but it also increases the risk for water damage. Even a hairline crack above the flashing will permit a substantial volume of water to make its way inside your attic, giving roof repair contractors another issue to fix. Roof inspection will reveal if it is affecting the roof deck, causing the shingles to lift causing it to trickle through the roof into the attic, the ceiling and the walls. Over time the building materials used in the construction of the home will deteriorate.

Chimney Repairs Including Flashing, Leaks & Inspections

It may come as a rude awakening, but the fact is that water can leak under your roof flashing for years and you will never know it. Rain water can collect inside the attic and walls but never reach the walls or ceiling where you would notice it. It rots the wood and weakens it or creates the perfect warm, humid environment for black mold spores to grow.

Image of Chimney Leak Repair in process

All the lose bricks and mortar had to removed and replaced to prevent recurring leaks.

The interior of your chimney may have been constructed with a layer of concrete blocks with loosely applied mortar and this will create channels for water to trickle down the flu. Consider also that bricks and concrete blocks are porous and this is another issue for chimney repair. In regions with excessively heavy rainfall, water can seep right through the brick. One way or another, it is guaranteed that if you have a fireplace, eventually it will begin to leak if you don’t keep up with the need to repair chimney flashing. Virginia chimney repair companies recommend regular inspections and upkeep to avoid water damage.


What’s a Roof Cricket?

A roof cricket is a ridge structure that is designed to divert water off the roof. Installed on the side of a chimney. Crickets can be covered with metal flashing or with the same material as the rest of the roof. Chimneys are notorious for leaking, and the culprit is almost always the sheet metal flashing. As a home owner, while conducting your house inspections, simply look for water-stained ceilings or other telltale signs of leaking. Because chimneys are a potential trouble spot, consider installing a roof cricket. Always inspect the chimney and crickets for loose or missing flashing and cracks in the masonry.

When you suspect that your chimney is starting to deteriorate, call a professional for some expert advice and repairs. this will save you from costly expenses in the future.

Image of Chimney Flashing that is Completed in Virginia (leak repair)

New Chimney flashing, crown and mortar joints were done over to make this chimney leak in Virginia a thing of the past.

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