Your roof is a vital element of your home that you can’t possibly do without, so it’s important to take care of it so you get the most out of it for the longest time possible. Most homeowners will typically ignore their roofs until something goes wrong that interrupts their daily routine. However, this is not advisable if you really want to hold off on that eventual roof replacement as long as possible.

A roof’s lifespan depends on the material you choose and how well the installation was done. But even with the best combination of these two, a roof that does not receive proper regular care will wear out a lot faster than it should. So what do you need to do to extend the lifespan of your roof to the max? Here are four simple but effective tips:

1. Keep it clean

cleaning roof gutter

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A roof that is unclean is more vulnerable to damage and pests. Keeping your roof clean may sound like too much work, but keep in mind that it’s much cheaper to keep it clean than to repair it.

Keep the gutters clean to prevent unnecessary water damage to the lower deckboard, and the fascia and soffit boards along the gutter line.

Remove debris from the roof such as tree branches and leaves that may collect along roof valleys…

Roof cleaning isn’t harmful if done professionally, and many homeowners value the aesthetics of a clean roof. However, some people believe it does not add to the longevity of a roof.

The argument for roof cleaning states that it improves the curb appeal of a home, and protects the shingles, which ultimately extends the life of a roof. It’s also believed to improve energy efficiency because a darker roof will generate more heat. Via Angie’s List

2. Look out for ice dams and stagnant water

Any form of moisture can cause serious damage to a roof because it weakens the roof’s base. Standing water is also dangerous as it could easily become a breeding ground for pests that will put added pressure to your roof that could quickly damage it. Fungi will also develop on a wet roof and eat away at it, steadily shortening its life.

melting ice

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The most important and most common thing to remove from roofs is water and subsequent moisture. Homeowners should look for signs of moisture on their roof and then eliminate the source of water. Stagnant water is one of the top culprits in damaging roofs.

It is also important to remove snow from roofs. Snow adds extra weight on roofs and causes cracking and leaking. Further damage can be done when the snow melts. The resulting water and moisture can cause massive damage to any roof no matter how well-built.  Via Renew Home Designs

3. Have repairs done immediately you notice any damage

Most roof damage will start small, then steadily worsen and compromise your roof’s life. This is why you must ensure that any damage or leak is fixed as soon as possible if you are to preserve your roof.

Many homeowners assume that they can live with a small leak to save money. What they don’t understand is that this is the more costly decision. That leak will ultimately lead to a completely damaged roof requiring early replacement that costs a lot more than they would have spent on repair.

4. Have it inspected every few years

roof inspection

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There are a lot of things that could compromise the lifespan of your roof, so an extensive inspection of your roof by a professional is advisable every 3-5 years. This will reveal any developing damage that you may not notice otherwise.

A can appear completely fine from the front while still crumbling elsewhere. That’s why most people end up making the tragic mistake of waiting until they see water leaking through the ceiling to identify roofing issues. Water usually enters the attic first, so regularly inspect for stains around the chimney and vents. To be on the safe side, have your roof inspected every five years. Via MSN

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