Most homeowners will get an energy-efficient roof in order to reduce their utility bills. It’s true that investing in a green roof is an investment that will pay off in the end. However, the benefits of an energy-efficient roof do not stop at utility bill savings. Check out the following article discussing some more benefits you will enjoy:

Why is an Energy Efficient Roof Important?

energy efficient roof

Energy Star-rated shingles like these help keep your roof and home cooler during the summer. (Photo courtesy of Angie’s List member John K. of Overland Park, Kansas)

Energy efficiency is something most homeowners agree is important. In the Mid-Atlantic states, when the weather gets cooler, our customers start to think about keeping their homes heated for the winter weather. However, energy efficiency is crucial through all four seasons. Your roof plays a bigger role than you might think. Read full post here…

In fact, contrary to what some may think, having an energy-efficient home does not have to mean having a drab home. Check out this French home that benefits from energy efficiency as well as great aesthetics:

Sweet pitched roof house in France gets a green makeover with bio-sourced materials


Sometimes the smallest interventions have the biggest impact. French architect Patrice Bideau gave this pitched roof house in France a green makeover, transforming it into an energy-efficient home that complies with French standard RT 2012. The architect used bio-sourced materials, tissue fiber wood, brick, concrete and raw earth to insulate the house, using bioclimatic principles to achieve a high level of year-round comfort. Read more here…

The above example highlights a crucial point, which is that one way of ensuring your roof is energy-efficient, is by choosing the right material. Keep in mind that the right type of roofing may depend on where you live.

For instance, a brightly colored metal roof may be suitable in an area that receives a lot of sun as it helps keep the home cool. This is possible because such a roof reflects the sun’s rays as opposed to absorbing them, which would increase heat. By reflecting, the roof surface temperature can decrease by up to 50F.

In addition to the savings you’ll make on your energy bills, installing a heat-efficient metal or asphalt roof may qualify you for a tax credit of $500.

Tax Credits for Replacing Your Roof

energy efficient roof

Metal roofs must have the appropriate coatings in order to qualify for the tax credit. Image: Metal Roofing Alliance

If you added a heat-efficient metal or asphalt roof to your house last year, you may be able to claim a $500 energy tax credit by filing IRS Form 5695 with your return. Save receipts and labels.

Tax credit limits:

– 10% of expenditures, up to a lifetime $500, for all energy improvements combined.

– Installation isn’t covered.

See Energy Star for guidelines on what exactly is covered. It’s your safest bet for information on how to get the credit. Read more here…

To benefit from an energy-efficient roof, you can either install one or make your existing roof energy efficient, which can be done by either adding a cool-coating or applying a single-ply membrane. Other options include green roofs, which act as insulators when it’s cold and reduce heat transfer when it’s hot.

The best place to start would be to speak to a professional roofing contractor to find out what would work best for you.

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