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Stop costly roof repairs and expensive shingle replacement projects by using these simple tips to extending your asphalt shingles lifespan for many more years to come. However, if you need a roof repair  in Dale City give us a call at (703) 303-8546 or go to our free estimates page.

Most asphalt shingled roofs have an average lifespan a little longer than a decade. And if you live in an area like Dale City, the hot summer weather and cold winters can shorten your roofs lifespan considerably. With the right maintenance plan in place, a roof inspection twice a year and the occasional roof repair, you can be sure that your asphalt shingle roof will last for many years to come without the inevitable roof replacement. Use this guide to extending your roofs lifespan and you’ll be sure you’re going to get the most life out of your asphalt shingle roof.

Dale City Roofing Contractor Inspections

Without a biannual roofing inspection, it can be difficult to estimate how well your roof is holding up to the elements. Here at, we recommend that you have a roofing inspection performed twice a year to prevent roof leaks and other roofing problems before they have a chance to get worse. While it’s not a good idea to climb on your roof and inspect it yourself, you can perform a visual inspection from the ground using a pair of binoculars to help you get up close and personal without putting yourself in danger. Give a call today at (703)303-8546 or fill out our submission form in the upper left hand corner of your screen and we’ll send our crew of professional roofers to inspect your entire roofing system and provide you with a no cost, no obligation estimate today. Check out our roofing contractor’s reviews and see for yourself why is the best roof repair and replacement specialists in Dale City and throughout the entire Northern Virginia area.

Common Roofing Problems

There are many roofing problems that can cause a roof leak. But more often than not, the following roofing problems are the easiest to spot and repair. Use this guide to roofing problems so you can prevent roofing damages and extend the lifespan of your home or businesses roof.

Cupping Shingles

Curling edges or cupping is often found on shingles that are well past their prime. If your entire roof is filled with cupping shingles, you can bet that you‘ll need a complete roof replacement soon. If cupped shingles are centrally located and minimal, it can be a sign that something more is wrong with your home or business. Improper attic ventilation and extreme moisture can be the cause of cupped shingles. Be sure you inspect your attic ventilation as part of your biannual roofing inspection to prevent premature roof replacement.

Rising Nail Heads

As shingles age, they often have problems with nails rising out of the surface. This can be the signal that your shingles are improperly installed or attic ventilation isn’t doing its job. Make certain that nail heads aren’t just pounded back in place or you may find yourself in need of another roof repair. Give a call at (703)303-8546 and we’ll send a qualified crew of roofers to inspect your shingles and repair any roof damages we find.

Aging Sealants

Areas around plumbing pipes and ventilation stacks are typically sealed using tar, butyl or rubber grommets to prevent water from penetrating into the home. Inspect around these roofing penetrations carefully, looking for signs of cracks, splits or peeling materials as this can be a signal that a roof leak is going to take place soon.


Many times, visible stains or other odd coloration’s can stain the surface of your asphalt shingles. Look for signs of rust or other metal corrosive stains in valleys, around chimneys and next to skylights as these are sure symptoms that your metal flashing is going to need to be repaired soon. Dark stains around plumbing stacks can be a sign that sealants are beginning to break down and a roof repair is going to be inevitable.

Tree Debris

When leaf debris is allowed to accumulate in valleys, behind chimneys and against walls, they can easily cause mold and mildew to form within the shingles, causing it’s lifespan to shrink considerably. If tree branches are allowed to sit on your roof, blowing wind can cause the branches to erode the shingles and cause a roof leak. Be sure that you remove all your leaf debris twice a year from your roof and cut back any branches at least six feet away from your Dale City, Virginia home or businesses roof.

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