Sometimes Roof Repair is a Necessity in Woodbridge

Although Woodbridge, Virginia is typically not known for weather extremes, the community has experienced some unusual weather events in recent years like the “Snowmaggedon” of 2010, gale force winds from an offshore hurricane in 2011 and the extra rainy and snowy winter season of 2013-2014.

Photo of roofer preventing a leak in Woodbridge Virginia

 This video of our Woodbridge Virginia roof leak repair explains how we offer same day roof repair and that we have never had a customer complaint.

Our Woodbridge company is A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau and offers same day service. We have never had a customer complaint!

Both rare and severe weather events like these plus normal weather patterns can batter, damage and degrade your roof, making annual maintenance and repair a necessity for most Woodbridge homeowners.

Common Problems

Common roofing problems that affect many Woodbridge homes and is exacerbated by stormy weather is damaged flashing. Flashing is sheet metal that is applied over joints in your roof, along the edges, around the base of your chimney and pipes, around dormer windows and skylights and in other places where water is likely to seep into your roof deck; flashing prevents water from entering your home at each of these vulnerable points.

Image of Common Roof Leak Problems in Woodbridge Virginia

Common leak repairs in Woodbridge such as vent pipes, roof vents, ridge vents, skylights and loose or missing shingles are just a few items that can be inspected and repaired on the same day

Flashing metal can become rusted and corroded after being pelted with rain, snow and hail over many seasons, which in turn can lead to additional corrosion or breakage. Flashing can sometimes tear loose, especially during times of high gale force winds. Damaged, missing or incorrectly installed flashing is one of the top reasons why leaks occur, yet this damage is relatively easy to remedy and repair. For these reasons, any time your Woodbridge home is subjected to unusual weather like thunderstorms with microbursts (which often occur in this area during summer), it's a good idea to have a professional roofing contractor inspect your roof and all of the flashing. You should also have a regular annual inspections to check the flashing for the effects of normal wear and tear.

Safe Roof Inspection

Image of Roof Repair Inspection in Woodbridge Virginia

Get your Free Inspection in Woodbridge today to give you peace of mind that your roof has no damaging leaks

A professional roofer can inspect your entire roof system safely and without injury to either themselves or your roofing materials, something that is difficult (and dangerous) for a homeowner to try do on their own. Any damaged or missing flashing can easily be replaced during your inspection. Your roofer will also inspect for and correct popped nails, missing shingles, worn or cracking rubber seals around vents, caulking that is crumbling and should be reapplied, missing or broken chimney caps and malfunctioning or broken components like attic fans. Because we conduct basic inspections for free, you have nothing to lose by having your roof system checked at least once per year

Preventative Maintenance

Annual preventive maintenance can even save you money over the long term. According to the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), each $1 invested in preventive roof maintenance can directly result in $5 of savings. These savings stem from energy conservation (because a well maintained roof is far more energy efficient than a neglected roof); a longer service life (which allows you to defer a full roof replacement far longer); avoidance of emergency repair (which is always more costly than maintenance) and avoidance of interior damage.

Image of Preventive  Maintenace in Woodbridge Virginia

Preventive Maintenance will keep your roof in top shape to avoid the high cost of emergency repairs and replacements

In addition to regular preventive maintenance, if you ever spot signs of water damage inside your home, contact your local roofing specialist for immediate analysis. Common interior signs of water leaks and water damage include black spots, mildew or mold, which is toxic to humans; stains on ceilings or walls, particularly stains that extend from where the ceiling meets the wall; damp insulation or drywall; and warping walls or ceilings. Your roofer will be able to pinpoint the source of the leak and repair it before you experience flooding, an electrical fire or worse damage.

Anytime you have concerns about your Woodbridge home, don’t hesitate to contact your professional roofing contractor for roof repair and maintenance help before your small roof problem becomes a much larger and costlier problem.

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