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Deciding whether to repair your roof or do a total roof replacement can be a daunting task for a home owner. While not all roofs need replacement, deciding to repair a roof when it is due for replacement will cost you more in the long run. This is especially so when your roof has been subjected to extreme weather, as is the case in Virginia where torrential rains, ice storms and heavy winds are more common than in the rest of the country.

If you are wondering where to get honest advice on whether to repair or replace your roof in Northern Virginia, Roof.net has your back. With over 45 years of experience and a solid reputation for integrity and professionalism, is it any wonder that Roof.net is the best-rated roofing company around?


Is your roof due for replacement?

As a home owner, the most obvious indicator that your roof is due for replacement is if it’s more than 20 years old. However, it may still have a couple of years of service if it is still functional. However, if it requires constant repairs as a result of leaks and other recurring damages, then it’s probably time to invest in a new roof.

On the other hand, a roof may not necessarily be old, but it could have serious damage as a result of a storm or other form of extreme weather. The damage could be enough to significantly cut short the life of your roof. In such a case the cost to repair the roof may be so high that it would make more financial sense to invest in a new roof. Whatever the case, you’re better off getting expert advice from the best rated roofing company in McLean VA.


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We carry out all projects with integrity with our clients. We are one of the most trusted roofing contractors.

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As the highest rated roofer in McLean VA, Roof.net possesses the right expertise and experience for your new roof installation and roof replacement. Our team of professionals will inspect your roof for damage and give their honest recommendation. In addition, should you choose to work with us, you’ll enjoy our maintenance guarantee for all roof installations.

If you’ve been looking for reliable roofing services in McLean, VA, look no further. Roof.net is the best rated roofing company in northern Virginia, and we’ve also received over 20 national awards over the years. We are committed to maintain that reputation by consistently delivering high-quality roofing services. Contact Roof.net today.

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