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Roof repair in Great Falls saves you from expensive water damage

The homes of Great Falls are renowned throughout Northern Virginia for being spacious, impressive and often custom crafted. These elegant properties are certainly eye-catching, but unusual roof styles like mansard, gambrel, pyramid, arched, cross gable and skillion roofs are also high maintenance. If you’re a Great Falls homeowner, you will need a thorough roof inspection conducted by a licensed, insured and qualified professional roof repair contractor at least once per year to maintain your unique roof, prevent leaks and preserve the value of your home.Image of Great Falls Roof Repair in Virginia

Checking Your Roof for Leaks

A locally based and properly certified roofing contractor will know how to safely inspect your entire roof without damaging it, unlike a general handyman, who might not know how to address unusual roof designs or access steep roof angles. Your roofing contractor will possess the equipment necessary to access roof points that are high above ground level, areas a homeowner should not attempt to reach.

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Our Great Falls Roof Repair Contractors Can Locate and Fix Any Roof Leak Around Roof Pipe, Ridge Vent, Skylight, Roof Flashing, Missing Shingles and Much More.

During your annual inspection your contractor will check your roof covering, meaning your tiles, shakes, shingles, panels or similar; your underlayment, meaning the waterproof barrier that is underneath your roof covering; and the sheathing, meaning the boards fastened to the roof structure, to ensure these parts are all functioning as designed and in good condition.

Your contractor will also examine the flashing—which is metal material that covers and protects joints and seams against the elements—along with other metal pieces like gutters and downspouts to ensure there is no rust or corrosion. Related structures like vents, chimneys, dormer windows, skylights, drainage pipes and pipe collars will be included in a standard roof inspection. Debris like leaves and twigs will be removed.

Signs of Water Damage

If your roofing contractor spots any of the following exterior symptoms of water damage, corrective repair will be required because the damage will only increase in scope and cost if not addressed immediately:

•    Dark spots and stains, especially if moist to the touch
•    Sagging or warping
•    Splitting, cracking and blistering shingles, tiles or shakes
•    Algae or moss growth
•    Granules in your gutters (indicating the shingles are degrading)
•    Ponding or pooling
•    Rusty or popped nails which allows water seepage

Interior evidence of water penetration might also be evident in your home, such as ceiling stains, crumbling insulation or drywall, black spots on your attic rafters, or worse. If water has been seeping into your house for a long time, it can lead to unhealthy situations like the growth of black mold (which is toxic to humans and therefore expensive to remove), bacteria, mildew, or invasion by insects like termites, which are attracted to exposed and rotting wood.

In most cases, your roofer can replace flashings, recaulk around pipes and windows, replace pipe collars, patch the roof where there are missing shakes or shingles, and stop the leak so your home won’t sustain further damage. Unfortunately, if a roof is quite old or has been damaged in a storm, full roof replacement might be warranted.

The Cost

The roof replacement cost for homes located in Great Falls varies but can total $15,000 or more, especially if uncommon materials such as cedar, slate, or copper are involved, or if your roof is above average in size.

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Common question homeowners ask in Great Falls is how much does it cost for new roof replacement? There are many factors involved when pricing a new roof, material type, square footage, slope, penetrations, layers of shingles and much more. To get the best price it’s best we come in person.

A new roof is intended to last from 15 to 20 years, depending upon the roof covering type; however, if you don’t conduct regular preventive roof repair maintenance, its service life can be cut in half. Therefore the best way to prolong the life of your roof is to inspect, maintain and repair it on a routine basis, meaning at least once per year and after any unusual weather events.

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