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Fairfax Roof Repair Helps Protect The Rest Of Your Home

Fairfax homeowners accustomed to the typically mild and predictable climate of Northern Virginia should accelerate their roof repair and maintenance schedules in response to recent weather extremes, which have included everything from the icy polar vortex of winter 2014 to the powerful “derecho” winds of 2012 to the “Snowmaggedon” of 2010.

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These unusual weather events in our area–combined with normal wear and tear from heat (which can top 100 degrees during Fairfax summers), humidity, sunshine, rain, snow, ice, hail, and wind—can rapidly degrade the performance of your roof regardless of type), making routine roof repair and maintenance essential for preserving the integrity, safety, comfort, and aesthetic value of your home.

Your Roof Wears Out

Although a new roof should last 10+ years, damage can occur much faster in areas like Fairfax that experience highly variable weather and temperature conditions. For example, daily ultraviolet and infrared rays from the sun break down the molecules of the petroleum oils in asphalt shingles and roof coatings, allowing moisture to penetrate your roof. When temperatures soar and humidity levels climb (as happens in Fairfax every summer), existing sun damage worsens as extreme heat weakens roofing materials, causes metal pieces to expand and drains and flashings to warp or pull away (roofers refer to this phenomenon as “thermal shock.”)

Image of improperly installed furnace stack pipe flashing that will cause the roof to leak in Fairfax Virginia

Improperly installed furnace stack pipe flashing will cause the roof to leak

These conditions can make your roof vulnerable to further damage from wind, snow, ice, hail, and driving rain. In Northern Virginia, violent summer thunderstorms cause high winds, which exert pressure and suction on roof edges, resulting in everything from peeling and stripped shingles and flashing to holes from flying tree limbs. Moisture from snow, ice, hail and pelting rain can cause your roof deck to sag, your shingles to crack, or leaks to form, in turn allowing mold, mildew or fungi to enter your home.

Have Your Roof Inspected

Fairfax homeowners should schedule at least one roof inspection per year by a professional roofing contractor. Excessive weathering is often hard to spot, and cumulative storm damage can be more extensive than it initially appears. A properly licensed and certified roofing contractor is trained to spot tricky roof problems like these that you or a casual handyman might overlook.

A professional roofer will thoroughly inspect your roof deck and its adjacent parts, including ridge vents, flashing’s, gutters, chimneys, vent pipes, shingles and skylights.

This is an image of a blown off ridge vent with the attic wide open in Fairfax Virginia

Emergency Ridge Vent Repair in Fairfax with the attic wide open to rain, snow and animals

The contractor will search for problems like loose materials around vents, skylights and pipes; cracked, torn or missing shingles; shingle granules in gutters (which indicate shingles should be replaced); unsecured or clogged downspouts or drainage pipes; improperly positioned or installed ridge vents (which can trap moisture); deteriorated flashing; and more.

What Can Go Wrong

Extreme roof problems like these–plus routine roof maintenance that is deferred too long– can result in additional costly damage to your home such as:

•    Rust and corrosion on metal parts and fasteners, which can cause collapsed gutters and downspouts
•    Damage to wooden components including rot, black mold (which is toxic), mildew, bacteria, and fungi
•    Flooding, which can ruin drywall, carpets, and personal belongings

It is far cheaper to diagnose these problems during your annual roof inspection rather than waiting for symptoms of leaks and water damage to show up later.

Preserve Your Roof – Preserve Your Home

Image of a roof inspector doing Free roof inspection in Fairfax to locate roof damage or any unforeseen roof leaks

Free roof inspection in Fairfax to locate roof damage or any unforeseen roof leaks

Your roof is an integral structure that protects your entire home, so it requires careful attention, regular preventive maintenance, and prompt roof repair to ensure small problems do not snowball into bigger, more expensive problems. By consistently caring for the health of your roof, you also maintain energy efficiency, extend the overall life of your roof, prevent safety hazards, and preserve your home’s value and curb appeal, which is vital in the competitive Fairfax housing market

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