We can all agree that poor workmanship is unacceptable. Unfortunately, it’s all too common in roof installations, and homeowners are left to deal with the effects much later. In many cases, it results in a leaky roof, but it can also significantly limit the lifespan of the roof and translate into thousands of dollars lost.

The cost of the roofing material you choose to install is sure to dent your wallet significantly, so it’s important to be sure you are getting your money’s worth in labor as well. You don’t want to end up like this homeowner:

Roofing company sued for alleged improper roof installation

roof installationGRETNA – A local homeowner is suing a roofing company for allegedly damaging her home by improperly installing a roof.

Marcia Shields filed suit against Aerial Contracting LLC in the 24th Judicial District Court on March 27.

Shields alleges she contracted with Aerial Contracting for $30,500 to provide a roof replacement on her home located at 113 Lavergne St. in New Orleans. The plaintiff asserts under the contract the defendant was to remove existing shingles, install a metal roof, chimney flashing and coating the rear roof. Read full article here…

Here are just some of the most common mistakes that poorly trained and inexperienced installers make when installing a new roof:

1. Failing to apply for a roofing permit

A contractor may either forget or neglect to apply for a roofing permit either because he is an amateur or dishonest. This could result in costly fines for you.

It is important to note that installing a new roof is considered a home improvement project, so this needs t be permitted in most municipalities and inspected afterward. Additionally, if the contractor’s work does not pass inspection, more time would be spent making adjustments, which would also cost you more.

2. Poor shingle-layering

A proper roof installation requires a lot of expertise, which is why this is one project you should never include in your DIY list. A lot of considerations are made when determining the correct number of shingle layers to use. These vary for different homes depending on factors like the local weather patterns and the slope of the roof. Using too many shingles would waste your money, while using too few may lead to premature wear and water damage.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most important parts of your roof that you may not even know exist:

Anatomy of a Roof

Ever wonder what’s underneath the shingles on your roof? A well built roof should have rafters and decking boards, flashing and a moisture barrier of felt underlayment.

Here’s a breakdown of all of the parts that go into a residential roof, some of which can no longer be seen when the job is done.

roof layersRead full post here…

3. Improper nailing

Nailing down shingles requires a lot of care – every tiny mistake from using the wrong number of nails to placing them incorrectly will lead to problems later on. An inexperienced roof installer may not know the ideal number of nails to use per shingle, and may not attach them properly on the nail line. Such mistakes often result in damaged shingles and roof leaks later on.

4. Improper flashing installation

Drip-edge flashing is meant to cover gaps between the roof deck and the gutter board to prevent water from getting inside the roof. It also helps prevent animals from finding a way into your attic through the edge of the roof. Flashing can also be installed along the rake edge where water may not typically roll off to prevent leaks from sideways rain.

Additionally, flashing should also be installed around any plumbing or air vents that penetrate your roof to prevent leaks. If any of these are installed improperly, the flashing will not serve its purpose and may in fact be the cause of leaks. For instance, if nails used to attach the flashing are not sealed, they may develop leaks.

Most roofing installation mistakes can be avoided by simply hiring a professional with adequate experience. If you would like professional roofing installation or roof repair services in Annandale, Virginia, get in touch with us today.

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