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Whether you live in Annandale or elsewhere in the Northern Virginia area, you know all about the heavy rains and storms that plague this area of the state. If you find yourself in need of a Annandale roof repair  Company give us a call.  We offer free estimates and can be reached at (703) 303-8546 or by using our contact form here.

Fiberglass asphalt shingle roofing is becoming increasingly popular in residential properties, and like every other roof, at some point, they will need to be replaced. Spotting a roof that is failing and needs to be replaced is sometimes a difficult process, but the first clue to consider is age. If you have a roof that is 20 years old or older, it is likely due to be replaced. However, younger roofs can also fail, so it is important to have your roof inspected at least once a year to look for signs of a problem so that they can be corrected before they become a major issue. Additionally, you can also check for issues on your own, as most problems can be spotted from the ground by simply using binoculars.

When inspecting the roof, the first thing to look for is shingles that have lifted up or cracked. If shingles have curled edges or dark and smooth areas, this can indicate that the surface’s protective granules have worn off. Some shingles may also be missing due to severe weather or high winds, and this is an obvious sign that your roof is in need of repair to some degree.

The next area to check in order to determine whether your fiberglass asphalt shingle roofing needs to be replaced is the attic. It is recommended that you go into your attic with all of the lights off when it is sunny outside. From there you can check under the chimney and into the stack vent. Cheek to see if you can spot any small areas of light, and if you do, it could indicate there are problems with the flashing. This is indicative of a roof that may no longer be in good shape and may need replacing or repair.

While in the attic, it is also important to check the bottom side of the roof’s sheathing. When inspecting this area, look for signs indicating water stains or other roof leaks. If there are moist or soft spots, this is also indicative of a problem, especially if these spots appear after significant rain. If these problems appear to be widespread, this is a good sign that you should contact a roofer to inspect it in greater detail to determine if a roof replacement is needed.

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Roof repair and siding repair services are available in the Washington, D.C. area, including the suburb of Annandale. Annandale is located in Fairfax County, VA, and the heart of the real estate market in this city is located off of the Little River Turnpike. The residential real estate market is known for its 18th century manor-style homes which provide this Washington, D.C. suburb with historic charm that cannot be found in many places. The residential real estate markAdditional Cities We Service for Roofing in Fairfax Countyet is thriving, and from 2012 to 2013 the median sales price for homes increased by approximately 8%. Residents enjoy that this area has the amenities that are characteristic of the suburbs, but it is also known for having a significant international population that leads to numerous ethnic restaurants and specialty shops. Families often choose Annandale due to the great educational opportunities and the low crime rate.

Annandale is also known for its commercial real estate opportunities, as the city is conveniently located only ten miles from D.C. Most local businesses are located near the Annandale Village Center, as this area serves as the hub for local businesses and organizations. In the last several years, the city has also undergone an initiative to improve the appearance of the business district, making this area even more attractive for business owners.

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