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Need a Roof Repair in Burke or Shingle Replacement?

Don’t let a roof leak become your worst nightmare. A roof repair in Burke can easily help prevent the inevitable roof replacement with a roofing inspection from one of our expert roofers.  For a free no-obligation roof or siding repair estimate, call us at (703) 303-8546 or via our contact form.

A standard asphalt shingle has a durability range anywhere from 15 – 30 years, depending on the manufacturer, the elements, and how well they are maintained. If the shingles look visibly worn, they need to either be replaced or covered up with another layer of shingles. Roofs can tolerate as many as two layers of shingles. However, installing a second layer of shingles over a first makes the top layer of shingles more likely to be damaged.  If the original shingles are badly damaged, instead of overlaying it is advisable to remove the lower layer of shingles first. If you are in doubt, ask a professional roofer who services roof repair in Burke before continuing.

How to Install New Shingles over the Old Roof

If a second layer is being installed, begin at the lower left corner and place the new shingles on the roof, moving across and up, creating a triangle pattern. The top edge panel of the first placed new shingle should be slid up tightly against the bottom edge panel of the already existing shingle. Secure that new shingle using roofing nails, placing between four and six nails in each panel. To avoid leaks, only attach nails to the unexposed portions of the shingles. Similar to the first row of shingles, slide the top edge of the second row of shingles against the bottom edge of the already existing shingle, offsetting it from the first row of shingles and secure it using roofing nails.

Cut a panel so it is in half and fill any gap left on the far-left side of the roof caused by the offsetting. After this is done, lay the third row and attach it just as was done with the first row. The fourth row will be offset and require a half shingle again. Continue working upwards and to the right until the whole roof is covered with new shingles. Using tin snips, cut shingles until they extend roughly one half inch past the edge of the roof. After finishing, pay special attention for possible roof leaks to ensure that each shingle was properly installed and sealed.

Burke Housing Market

Burke, Virginia, is lagging slightly behind in the housing market, as compared to other Virginia towns, but is still showing signs of positive growth and is predicted to soon accelerate in its recovery from the decline of recent years. While the average selling price in the city has increased by 13.7 percent over the last year, the average price per square foot has only increased slightly, by 3.7 percent. As well, the number of homes being sold decreased over the last year by 17.2 percent. So homes are gaining value slowly, and larger homes are more prone to have offers than they did a year ago, but the near one fifth decrease in the number of homes sold show that local residents are still waiting for a better offer.

Burke had its beginnings as a single house, built by the nineteenth century farmer, merchant, and politician Silas Burke, who built his residence overlooking the Pohick Creek valley. The railroad constructed a stop there which was involved in several intrigues during the Civil War, and recent decades have converted the community into a densely-populated suburban. Burke is efficient. The residential areas are heavily residential, and the recreational areas boast some of the best amenities in the area. The Burke Lake Park is 888 acres and contains campsites,  4.5 mile jogging path, a number of sports and picnic areas, an 18-hole golf course, miniature golf, disc golf course, an amphitheater, boat rentals, an ice cream shop, a carousel, and even a miniature train to ride in honor of its railroad roots. It is an ideal family town, providing fun and entertainment and close accessibility to major professional hubs in nearby cities.

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