The siding of any home is important in many ways. Essentially, the main function of your home’s siding is to provide protection from the elements. What the roof does in protecting the home from above, the siding does on the sides. Apart from keeping the building materials in good condition, siding also improves the aesthetic appeal of the home. Replacing your siding material can bring a fresh new look and increase your home’s appeal.

You may be wondering about the best time to replace your siding material. After all, you don’t just wake up one day and decide to change the siding. It is a costly project, but worth every penny when done right. The following post will help you know how soon you need to replace your siding:

When to Replace Vinyl Siding on Your Home

Even though replacing your home’s siding is not on the top of your to-do list, this is definitely something everyone must do at a certain point. After all, the siding is something that cracks, breaks or simply wears out. Eventually, it will begin to leak, which can cause even bigger problems and more expensive, major repairs.

But, how can you know when to replace the vinyl siding on your home?

There are several signs you should pay attention to if you want to avoid additional expenses. For this purpose, we have made a list of the 10 top signs that indicate that your siding needs attention. Read more at O’Sullivan Installs…

Your siding material may look like it is in good condition. But if you see any of the signs mentioned, you may need to start thinking about siding replacement or repair.

siding installation, repair and replacement

Before installation can be done, you need to prepare your home by doing a few things. Getting rid of the old parts completely will necessitate the smooth installation of new siding material. The following post provides a guideline on how to prepare:

How to Prepare Your House for Vinyl Siding Installation

As a vinyl siding manufacturer, we recommend proper surface preparation as an important part of your siding installation. If you want your exterior home makeover, to look sharp, and your new vinyl siding to be clean and straight, all exterior wall surfaces must be even.

6 Tips to Prepare your House for Vinyl Siding Installation

  1. Remove all shutters, downspouts, and fixtures

On older homes, replace any rotten wood and securely nail all loose boards, siding, and wood trim. Tie back all shrubbery and trees when plantings are close to the house, and remove any old caulking around windows and doors. Read more at Kaycan…

Proper preparation procedures will ensure that the installation goes well and that your home will get the great new look that you want.

siding installation, repair and replacement

There are several steps that are taken when installing the siding material. Here is an explanation of how siding installation is done:

How to Install Vinyl Siding—the Home Exterior That’s Hot Again

Vinyl siding has long been popular as a home exterior covering—it’s used in one-quarter of new single-family homes being built today. Yes, some deride it as tacky or passé. Comedians have used it for years as a punchline. But here’s the reality: It’s relatively cheap, lasts for decades, looks way better than you might have thought, and offers homeowners a 78% return on investment if they ever decide to sell. Even better, installing vinyl siding is simple enough that many homeowners opt to do it themselves! Read more at Realtor…

Siding not only protects the home’s exterior, it increases its aesthetic appeal as well as your home’s value. A 78% return on investment is something worth pursuing.

siding installation, repair and replacement

If you want your siding done professionally and in an excellent manner, you need to hire a company that is committed to excellence. serves residents of Great Falls VA and offers services that include roof and siding installation, repair and replacement. Call us today for the best results at unbeatable prices!

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