Stack Pipe Repair

Photo of Roof Stack Pipe in need of Repair in Virginia  

Prevent a Roof Stack Pipe Repair with a Free inspection

It’s tough enough to keep track of a roof stack pipe repair and all the other features that go into the construction of a VA house in plain view where the entire world can see, let alone the components hidden behind walls and ceilings. Often these parts go about doing their business quietly and never get a moment of your attention until they cause a problem.

Throughout the cooler seasons we take it for granted the furnace will do the job of keeping us warm. Did you know that in the process of heating the house your furnace produces noxious emissions? These are neatly vented to the outside through the roof stack pipe so you never have to breathe in those harmful fumes. It’s really important to maintain this part of the heating system with roof stack pipe repair. On the top of the house you will notice several different objects and pipes protruding through the roof. The stack pipe from the furnace is usually made of some type of metal and looks larger than the other PVC pipes from the plumbing system. Metal is a highly durable material but eventually it gives in to years of wear and tear from the environment. It is affected by corrosion just like all the other materials on the roof. The vertical seams on the roof stack pipe can come loose and open up, allowing rain to enter. At the base of the pipe is a conical-shaped object called a shroud flashing. It closes the gap between the roofing materials and the pipe where a hole was cut through the roof. This flashing wears out and ends up splitting or developing small holes. The adhesive compound used to make the system watertight shrinks and cracks from exposure to the elements. Each one of these issues leads to a failure in the integrity of your roof, and the result is a leaky roof. We recommend you schedule a free roof inspection with us to assess any problems that could result in leaks and water damage. We specialize in Northern Virginia roof stack pipe repair in Fairfax County, Loudoun County and Prince William County in any season. Remember that driven snow can do as much water damage in the winter as rain in warmer weather.

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