Gutters play a vital role in our homes as they ensure that rainwater is controlled and thus prevented from wreaking havoc in our homes. However, this is not all that your gutter does for you. Here are some of the benefits of gutters you may not know:

  • Helps the soil surrounding your house remain stabilized
  • Helps to prevent foundation problems
  • Helps prevent flooding in the basement or under the house
  • Helps reserve your landscaping and turf by preventing erosion
  • Helps prevent staining on stone and brick masonry
  • Helps prevent settling and cracking of sidewalks, driveways and patios
  • Helps preserve garage doors and other exterior doors
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It helps to ensure you have the best possible gutters, as it will ensure they serve you for a good number of years without requiring replacement. If you’re replacing your gutters on installing them in a new home, it’s advisable to consider how thick they are. As a rule, thicker gutters are always better, those this will also depend on the climate and how much damage they could potentially cause.

When It Comes to Gutters, Thickness Matters

Not all gutters are created equal. Aluminum is the most common gutter material used on homes because it’s lightweight, affordable and resists rust. It’s also very durable, but how long your aluminum gutter system lasts depends largely on its gauge (or thickness). Aluminum typically comes in a thickness ranging from 0.019 to 0.032 inch – with 0.027 inch being the standard gauge installed by most contractors. See full post here…

Something else that will lengthen the lifespan of your gutters is proper maintenance. Cleaning your gutters regularly is critical if they are to remain in working order. Most homeowners don’t clean out their gutters regularly enough, so watch out for leaves or soil on them as they indicate your gutters need cleaning. Growing weeds or grass are a sign that you’ve waited too long and there might actually be some damage.

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Cleaning your gutters is not too difficult, so you might want to do it yourself. Here are a few safety tips to follow:

4 Roof Gutter Cleaning Safety Tips From Gutter King

…If your gutters need to be cleaned, here are four safety tips the Gutter King team tells their customers:

Safety First: Performing any chore high above ground can be dangerous. Before climbing a ladder to get to your gutters, inspect your ladder thoroughly to make sure it’s in perfect working condition. Check the bolts and screws and remember to take breaks if your muscles start to fatigue or if it’s a particularly warm day. Read all tips here…

It’s worth noting that every season presents a new set of challenges for your home’s exterior, and the same applies to your gutters. Here is some advice on what maintenance issues to pay attention to in each season:

Gutter and Downspout Care Tips

Gutters and downspouts serve an important purpose: they protect not only our roof, but our walls, foundation, and even our landscaping. But for gutters and downspouts to properly remove water and debris out and away from our home, they need to be maintained properly.

Here are a few tips for you to consider for proper care each season. Read gutter care tips here…

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As spring sets in, you may be tempted to forget about your gutters, but it’s important to note that some gutter problems are more likely to occur during this season. Additionally, you need to fix any damage that may have occurred during winter.

Solve Your Spring Gutter Problems

Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean you can’t have gutter problems. Sure, you cleaned your gutters after the last leaf fell in the fall, like you do every year. But leaves are not the only thing that can clog a gutter, and winter weather can be hard on gutters as well. Spring can be a prime time for gutter problems, and they aren’t problems people typically expect. See full post here…

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