To get rid of unsightly mold and mildew streaks, it’s good to use oxi clean on roofs. Those streaks aren’t just ugly, they can damage your roof over time. The roots of molds and mildew break down your roof, and must be eliminated.

Recommendations for how to deal with this have changed over time as experience was gathered. Power washing used to be recommended for cleaning this off, but the high pressure tore up shingles and ate away at their surfaces, diminishing the life of the roof. Nowadays, low-pressure washing is recommended. Bleach, or bleach and TSP mixtures can clean off the mildew, but molds are simple plants, and down at the base of the house, where the mixtures run off, there usually are…plants that the homeowner wants to keep. Bleach isn’t a selective killer, so this would negatively affect the landscaping.   You’ve probably seen the commercials for Oxi Clean and how it improves the cleaning of your clothes. Now it’s come out into the light of day and up on the roof.

Oxi Clean and other oxygen based cleaners are a solid form of hydrogen peroxide that cleans and removes stains. Chemically, Oxi Clean is sodium percarbonate, hydrogen peroxide bonded with natural soda ash, gets activated by contact with water. This releases the byproducts of oxygen, water, and soda ash that are non-toxic and biodegradable. The oxygen breaks down organic stains, taking your roof back to its original color.   It’s good to have a professional roofer do this. It can be slick to walk on while doing it, and you don’t want to save money by doing it yourself, then spend the money on hospital bills from a fall. Oxi clean on roofs is a safe choice for keeping your landscaping alive while killing off your mold and mildew.

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