Photo of Roofer checking for gutter failure and Roof inspection in Virginia

Here’s just another reason you need to have a regular roof inspection. As you know, the Virginia (VA) winters can get pretty intense with lots of snow and ice on the roof. You may have noticed if you have a home with more than one level, you have a series of gutters on each section of the roof.

Sometimes you’ll have downspouts running all the way from the top floor to the ground. At other times your entire gutter system may be connected by having short down spouts on the upper levels that drain directly into a lower level gutter. The gutter then carries the water to a main downspout to the ground.

Roof Damage From Over Flowing Gutters

In the winter, the weight of the snow and ice that accumulates on the roof can push the upper downspout out of position. As soon as the rain starts in the spring the water that should be collecting in the gutter starts to over flow causing damage to the inside of the exterior wall and the lower roof. If a constant stream of water can cut a canyon through solid rock, imagine what it will do to your asphalt shingles. It does not take long for you to develop roof leaks followed by more extensive water damage.

Failed gutters and downspouts are a hazard to your home. This is one of the most common sources for roof leaks. In the spring you can avoid the potential for water damage to your home by having a free roof inspection. Do the same thing in the fall when your gutters can back up from falling leaves.


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