Waiting to Fix Roof Problems will Cause More Damage and Expense

If you want to avoid the need to fix roof problems before they get bad and out of hand, make sure you have us inspect your roof at least once a year. We have the technology to project probable damage that is about to happen as far out as a year in advance. Here’s a story about an issue that could have been avoided if the customer had called us sooner…   This situation happened at a house in one of the Virginia (VA) neighborhoods we often drive through and we could see the problem coming.

Looking carefully at the roof line from a specific angle we could see a slight dip developing. We had one of our roofers stop and talk to the home owner about it, but he was reluctant to have us check it out. He said he would hold onto the card with our phone number in case he had a change of heart.   Not too long ago he did finally call us. We had already commented on the worsening appearance of the roof line, now obviously sagging. We were not surprised by the condition of the roof when we took a look inside the attic. Water had been leaking badly from the ridge vent for months, perhaps longer. Most of the roof sheathing at the peak of the house was soft and crumbling.   The worst problem now was the fact the metal bracket holding the central truss had corroded and snapped. The truss had separated and was hanging in midair. There was nothing supporting the roof at that point. What a mess! There is no way to fix roof problems of this nature without a major effort, but we did it and now the roof is in good shape.

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