Homeowners are typically disappointed when they hear they need to get their roofs replaced. Understandably, it comes at a cost, but what is surprising is the fact that many of them do not anticipate it at all. This kind of homeowner assumes his or her roof will serve its time no matter what. While it is true that the roof should last as long as it was meant to, there are certain factors that will affect its life span?

The factors that contribute to how long a roof will serve you range from structural to elemental. The following post describes how the roof type affects the lifespan of your roof:


Everyone wants their roof to stay in top condition for as long as it possibly can. But there are so many factors that can affect the lifespan of your roof. Different roofs handle the environment in different ways. Below are some common types of roof and how long each of them could last for you.


Gable roofs are among the most common and most popular roofs in the country. Their triangular designs look great and are easy to recognize, but everything has its pros and cons and these roofs are no exception. Although they look great, they’re not very good at weathering the impact of HIGH WINDS. So, if you’re living somewhere with high winds, you might want to consider a different kind of roof. Read more at Able Roof…

The type and shape of your roof will affect how it is impacted by weather, and as the post above describes, you may want to consider a specific kind of roof for a particular area. That is, of course, if you are constructing your own home. If not, you should anticipate some of the roofing concerns and be more proactive in ensuring your roof stays in good condition.

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It is also important to understand that your roof is a whole system. Each segment should be in proper working condition if the entire roof is to be in good condition. The following post describes this in detail:

“Shingles are just one part of a whole roof system,” Jeff Frantz, CertainTeed Products Territory Manager for the Washington, D.C. metro area, says. “If any part of that system fails, your roof may fail. The shingles work with the underlayment, flashing and ventilation to maximize the life of your roof. Most whole roof systems using our laminate shingles are warranted for 30 years to lifetime because, with proper installation, they will last at least that long.” Read more at Long Fence and Home…

As described in the post above, the roof system consists of the ventilation, deck, shingles, ice and water shield, and drip edge. Each of these must be working well if your roof’s life expectancy is going to be realized.

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Another factor that determines the lifespan of your roof, but is often underestimated, is the roofing contractor’s services. The following post describes this in detail:

The lifespan of a roof depends on many factors, including the roofing material, the overall climate of the area, how often it was maintained, as well as the knowledge and skill of the roofing contractor that maintained or installed it.

For example, the lifespan of a roof that was poorly installed in the first place due to the negligence or inexperience of the roofing contractor that installed it will have a lifespan that is significantly less than a roof that was installed correctly. Read more at Interior Painting Tips…

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Poor installation and maintenance can be detrimental and cost you an entire roof replacement. To avoid this, you need qualified contractors that you are sure will do a good job. If you’re in need of trustworthy roof contractors in Aldie VA, call us today!

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