Prevention is always better than cure – even when it comes to your roofing. Spring and summer provide favorable weather for you to ensure your roof is in its best condition.

For starters, roof inspection will give you a comprehensive review of the state of your roof. It will reveal any damages that may have come about during winter and which need your immediate attention if you are going to enjoy a stress-free home. Check out the following article for more on this:

Summer Is The Best Time for Roof Repairs

The summer months usher in the home repair season. If you’re planning to repair or install a new roof, several key preparations can save you time and money. Summer is the ideal time for roof repair and replacement, but since there is a short window of optimal time for roof work, it may be necessary to prep the roof yourself.

  • Do a complete roof inspection, preferably with a professional.
  • Contact your city or county offices to get the proper licenses you will need for the project, if required.
  • If the job is part of an insurance claim that is due to weather damage from the winter or spring, have an insurance adjuster come and make a report about the roof. Read full post on Horch Roofing…
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In the event that your roof inspection report reveals that your roof needs more than just repairs, you need not worry because the season still provides you with great weather to consider the options available for you.

Your roof expert may also recommend replacement of your old roof. Several options are available for you depending on your location, taste, architectural design and even your budget. The following article explains more on the time consideration when it comes to installation of a new roof:

When Is the Best Time to Install Your New Roof?

The timing of your roof replacement can have an effect on the cost of the project, how long it will take and, ultimately, the overall quality of the work done.

While many people want to put the project off to avoid the sound of hammers during the day, realize that planning ahead rather than procrastinating will give you the best results. You want to be able to catch the roofing contractor at an ideal time when jobs are slow and the best members of their crew are readily available.

Here are some factors to consider that can help you time your project:


Weather is the single biggest factor when considering a roof replacement. Certain seasons are impossible to work in, both for contractors and the materials needed. Read full post on…

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Finally, in this hot season, after ensuring that your roof is in perfect shape, there is more that you can do to ensure it maintains perfect condition. Ever wondered how to take care of your roof to prevent damage during summer? Well, there’s good news for you. There are ways to lower those high temperatures and preserve your roof’s life. Check out this article for more:

10 Ways To Cool Your Roof

On a hot, sunny day, the temperature on the surface of a traditional black roof can be more than 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) warmer than the surrounding air temperature [source: Department of Energy ]. When you imagine that sweltering rooftop next to another, and another, and another, it’s no surprise that the air in a large city with block after block of dark, heat absorbing rooftops can often be 6 to 8 Fahrenheit degrees hotter than surrounding areas [source: Heat Island Group]. Read full post on

If you want to be assured of some great work that will be worth your money in this season, it is best to involve professionals. They will not just perform a thorough roof inspection, but will also advice you on the best way forward.

If you would like professional advice on roofing services in Hamilton VA, or any area in Northern Virginia, please contact us today.

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