Your roof is made up of several parts that work together to give your home the protection it needs. One of the essential parts that is crucial for a leak-free home is the roofing underlayment. It gives the top layer, which may have shingles or tiles, an extra layer of protection. If the shingles get damaged, the water will not find its way into your home.

The underlayment therefore needs to be in good condition if it is going to provide optimum protection for your roof. To better understand what your roofing underlayment is and how it works, the following post gives a comprehensive overview:

Provide Your Home with an Extra Layer of Protection with Roofing Underlayment

There’s nothing like a Florida rain, especially during storm season. To ensure your roof can survive the downpour, consider taking extra precautions, such as installing self-adhered roofing underlayment for heightened wind and leak protection.

What does it do?

Roofing underlayment provides a secondary leak barrier that binds to the decking of your home, essentially acting as an additional layer of protection in the instance your shingles blow off during severe weather conditions. If you’re experiencing heavy rain and strong winds following the loss of your shingles, the underlayment itself can keep your home safe until the storm subsides and the shingles are replaced. Read more at Tadlock Roofing…

The best way to avoid the problems associated with wet weather, whether you’re in Florida or not, is to ensure you have good underlayment.

There are different types of roofing underlayment from which to choose. The option you choose is largely dependent on your preferences as well as your budget. The following post describes the two common options:

The two most common types of underlayment used in roofing today are felt and synthetic, both materials having specific advantages and drawbacks.

Felt paper is the most commonly used underlayment with new roof installations. The main advantage of using felt paper is that it’s an inexpensive option. However, felt paper cannot be left exposed to the elements for very long before it wrinkles and traps condensation between the roof structure and the backside of the paper.

More costly underlayments include a variety of synthetics such as:

  • Fiberglass
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene

These roofing materials protect against water damage but also tear- and heat-resistant. Some synthetic underlayments can be left open to the elements for up to six months, in case your roofs installation is delayed for any reason. Read more at All Roofing Solutions…

The great thing about industries today is that solutions to existing challenges are always being sought. The roofing industry is no exception. As such, the challenges of cost and durability are consistently being improved.

The following post gives an explanation of one of the new products in roof underlayment you may not have heard about:


Budget constraints, labor shortages, and tight construction deadlines mean builders are always looking for products that will help them do their jobs faster, better, or with less labor.

A new roofing product from Typar does all three. Surround VR Underlayment reduces the amount and weight of material needed for roofing jobs. In fact, one roll of Surround VR covers the same area as five rolls of #30 felt, yet weighs seven times less and is 10 times stronger, the firm says. The waterproof, slip-resistant material was developed to work in nearly any roofing application, including with shingles, shakes, tile, slate, or metal roofs. Read more at Builder Online…

You may want to try using the Surround VR if you need to replace your underlayment and experience its efficient services at a lower cost.

To ensure your roof is protected, you need to invest in good underlayment. You can also have your roof inspected to ensure the underlayment is in good condition. An experienced roofing contractor will ensure you get exactly what you need. You also have all the roofing materials installed correctly.  If you’re in Loudoun, VA and are looking for a trustworthy roofing contractor, call us today!

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