Hi, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Ken Briesemeister. I’m the owner of Roof.net, and I believe we have one of the best and the highest rated roofing contractor reviews in Virginia. We service all areas of northern Virginia only.

The reason why I believe we have like the best reviews in Virginia is because of the service that we provide. We offer same day roof repair. If you call us, say sometime between 12:00 and 3:00, there’s an excellent chance — just about a 95% chance — that we can get the permanent repairs done on the same day with the same color matching shingles. We carry all different types of roof flashings. Just about any kind imaginable we have in our vehicles.

Another reason why I feel we have the best reviews in Virginia is because of our infrared. Now, with the infrared, the way that works is if somebody has a leak, I can see right through their walls and their ceiling, and I can tell them how much moisture is inside the ceiling by the different colors that I see.

I can tell if it’s just slightly damp, or I can tell if it’s saturated. If it’s saturated, that means the sheetrock’s got to come down along with the insulation, because if it’s not, you could develop mold. So I always recommend that procedure be done. Once the sheetrock and the insulation is removed, it’s got to be dried out. Once it’s dried out, then the new insulation and the sheetrock could be reinstalled.

Another reason why I speak so highly about our roofing contractor reviews in Virginia is because of the awards that we have won. This is an award that was given to me by CertainTeed. It was made up of a couple hundred different questions. We had to read a book and then answer questions. But when I was reading the book, I already knew basically all the answers to all the questions, because I’ve been doing this for 42 years. I ended up getting 100 on their exam.

This is a letter that was given to myself and my brother Steve from Diamond Exteriors and SEARS. Diamond Exteriors was the largest roofing contractor in the country. They had many locations in every single state of the country, and they had several thousand roofers that worked for Diamond Exteriors. Both myself and Steve were voted the best troubleshooters nationwide of all those roofers several years in a row.

This is an award that was given to my company name, Improve Today Incorporated, and my website, Roof.net. We won the 2012 Talk of the Town award for Virginia. This is just another award that was given to us by Talk of the Town.

The way we won that award was they did a Google search on many different social media sites. I don’t know how many. It could’ve been a couple hundred, or it could’ve been a couple thousand. I don’t know. All I do know is that they were not able to find anything negative on my personal name, Ken Briesemeister, or Improve Today Incorporated, or Roof.net. Everything was all five star ratings.

This is the Better Business Bureau. We’re A rated with the Better Business Bureau. We have never had a complaint against our license.

There’s a company called DPOR.

Let me show you my profile page with the Better Business Bureau. In order for you to see that, you have to go to the homepage. Just click on this. You’ll see the logo. Click on the Better Business Bureau logo. You’ll see my company name, Improve Today Incorporated, and the website name – roof.net. We’re A rated.

Here it shows complaints that contractors get. Usually you’ll see a number here that shows the number of complaints they have that are either open or closed. We have never had a complaint ever. We have never had a dispute.

That goes for the company that I mentioned before, DPOR. This is DPOR here. It stands for Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation. Here’s our license number. That’s the company that in order to become a licensed contractor you have to go through DPOR. If you’re not listed with DPOR, then you are not a licensed contractor. So, if you do a check on the company, they better be listed with DPOR. If they’re not, then get other estimates.

Another reason why I say we have the best roofing contractor reviews in Virginia is because of all the satisfied reviews that people have written about us. I’ll click over here. This is going to show you some of the reviews that a lot of the homeowners living in northern Virginia posted about our company. As you can see, they’re all five star ratings.

Oops, there’s a four star rating. I already knew that. There are two four star ratings, and I’ll explain to you more about those two four star ratings.

Believe me when I say I am not slightly upset about that, because the main thing is that the homeowner was totally satisfied. They were as happy as can be. They referred us to family members and friends, and that’s the most important thing to me. I will do everything possible to make sure that when we complete a job the homeowner is totally satisfied with everything that we have done.

Because of things like this, that’s another reason why I say we have the best roofing contractor reviews in Virginia. When you hire us to do a job, you’ll get 100 percent. The right job will be done. When a job is completed, you will get after photographs that will explain to you exactly why certain things were done.

Most of the time you’ll be meeting with me personally. I’ll be the one most of the time coming to your house to do the inspection, to do the infrared scan. I’ll be the one that’s going to be typing up the proposal in my vehicle in front of your house. I’ll be installing photographs of the problem areas, and I’ll have arrows pointing to certain things. And I will fully explain everything to you so that you fully understand exactly why we’re doing all these procedures.

It’s because of things like that, especially when the company owner is actually involved in everything, it gives the homeowner confidence that the job is going to be done right. That’s why we get such great reviews.

For a free estimate, you can go to any one of my pages. You’ll see free estimates, click here. That will take you to my contact page. All you have to do is either fill out the form, or you can call this number here (703) 303-8546. Or you can click to any one of these links in the sidebar here. It says, “Contact Free Estimate.” You click on that, and you can fill out your information on that as well.

So I look forward to meeting with you. Again, my name is Ken Briesemeister. I’m the owner of Roof.net. You can reach me at (703) 303-8546, and I guarantee you will be happy that you chose Roof.net. Thank you.

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