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If you are in need of a roof repair and you live in Falls Church we can be reached via by phone at (703) 303-8546 or through our contact form. Our Company is licensed and insured to handle any roofing or siding repair issues you may be experiencing.  One of our licensed roofers will be out to perform a roof inspection and determine if you’re in need of a repair or a roof replacement.

There can be many reason why your roof is leaking and we can help find them

There can be many reason why your roof is leaking and we can help find them

The Many Causes Of Roof Leaks

There can be many causes for roof leaks, including damaged or worn out shingles, damaged flashing, and even at times mistakes that have been made during the installation process.  Roof replacement seems fairly straight forward, but there are some key elements that must be done in order to achieve a good seal.  Some of this even has to do with the roof prior to touching the first of the shingles.  Two problems that occur early on in the roofing process are poorly secured sheathing and misaligned started courses.  These are simple mistakes to make, but can cause weaknesses in the roof and allow water through.

Sheathing refers to the sheets of wood placed on the roof to which the shingles are nailed.  Sheathing needs to be carefully nailed down so that is lies flat, each piece coming up flush to the surrounding sheathing.  Poorly fastened sheathing has a tendency to curl the length of the edge, absorb water, and swell over time.  This movement can cause nails to come out, which, in turn, will puncture shingles just above and allow for leaks.  Finding the offending nail is sometimes more difficult than making the repair.  While nail pops can be common on older roofs, if a newer roof has the same issue, it is frequently a sign that a bad installation has occurred.

When we prepare the roof for shingles we are always careful with what goes under them also

When we prepare the roof for shingles, we add a moisture barrier to increase the water-tightness of your home

Roof Leaks caused from a misaligned Starter Course

As well, care needs to be taken when the first shingles, called the starter-course, are being laid.  Often, butt joints in between the starter-course shingles will line up flawlessly with joints in between the first-course shingles.  That is wrong, and immediately gives potential for a leak occurring at every three feet, at the bottom periphery of the roof.  This, in turn, translates to the wall sheathing, rafter tails, drywall, and top plates becoming wet and then rotting.  Assuming the problem is caught early enough to avoid damage to the material below, the repair is to simply insert a small piece of flashing in between starter course shingles and first course shingles.  If the sheathing is damaged, it will commonly take removing a number of shingle courses, replacing the damaged materials, and re-installing the starter, first and second courses.  In extreme circumstances, siding repair may be needed in addition to the roof repair.

The Falls Church Village Preservation and Improvement Society uses roof repair to help preserve the historic architecture

Falls Church Housing Market

The real estate market in Falls Church, Virginia seems to be faring well, compared to recent years.  Of the homes sold, the average value per square foot has increased by 14.1 percent as compared to this time last year.  As well, the average selling price of homes has likewise increased, but by 28.9 percent.  Both are strong indicators of a recovering market, usually as a result of the recovering incomes of those affected by the economic decline.  The total number of homes being sold has decreased by ten percent, however, possibly meaning that the construction industry is a step behind in the recovery.

The claim to fame of Falls Church is that it is the smallest self-governing city in the state of Virginia, and because independent cities are considered to be equivalent to a county, it is also the tiniest county-equivalent in the nation.  This makes it the ideal location for people who want their vote at a local level to really count.  This, combined with the fact that several Fortune 500 companies are headquartered within the city limits creates an enviable situation for working professionals.  Because of the city’s independence, cultural institutions are fostered, including the Falls Church Village Preservation and Improvement Society, the Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation, the Mary Riley Styles Public Library, and the State Theatre.  Annual events include the Memorial Day Parade that has been held for 60 years, and the Farmer’s Market, held every Saturday, year round and ranked number one in its category nationally, which brings in the freshest local produce.

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