Chimneys are very important to your home especially in winter, since they allow you to enjoy your fireplace and bring some much needed warmth in the home. They also add value to your home and make it more marketable. On the other hand, due to the nature of chimneys, they can also cause of damage to your home if not properly cared for.

As winter melts into spring, it is not uncommon to find many homes experiencing leaky chimneys. There are several factors that predispose your chimney to leaking, as explained in the post below:

Moisture caused by leaking chimneys can start off a chain of problems that may aggravate into major issues. This can become highly expensive to repair. To prevent this, the problem should be diagnosed and repaired as soon you spot signs of the leaks. For this, you would need to have an idea about the common causes of chimney leaks. Let’s take a look at some of these here.

Uncovered Chimneys

A chimney cap or a chimney cover is an important accessory. A missing chimney cap may result in rain pouring directly into the chimney thus causing leaks. Installing a chimney cover is an extremely practical choice since this will prevent rain, debris etc. from falling into the chimney. Read more at…

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It may seem pretty obvious that a chimney cover is essential for your home. However, it is often missing, especially in new homes. Installing one will go a long way in preventing unnecessary problems in your home.

Chimney leaks, like any other leaks, can go unnoticed for a long time and end up causing water damage to your home. As such, you need to know what to look out for when it comes to checking for chimney leaks. The following post offers some useful information on this:

How to Recognize Water Leaks due to a Leaky Chimney

Recognizing the signs of a chimney leak is an important skill for any homeowner. Even the smallest water leaks can cause deterioration to the bricks and mortar of your chimney. Being aware of the signs of leakage can save you money in expensive chimney repairs as well as protecting your chimney from damage. In worst case scenarios, water deterioration can lead to the collapse of the entire structure.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America names water as the biggest enemy of masonry chimneys. The worst damage is often caused during the winter, when moisture gets into the bricks and mortar and then freezes and expands. As the freeze-thaw cycle continues, the water thaws and can cause the masonry materials to crack and break apart. Read more at Lou Curley…

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The mere fact that water leaks from faulty chimneys can cause your entire house to collapse should drive you to become pro-active in ensuring your chimney is in good condition. In the event that you find a water leak, it is best to act fast and seek professional servies to repair the damage before it gets too serious.

To give you an idea of what chimney repair entails, the following post describes what you should expect when you call in the experts:

Masonry Repair & Waterproofing

Many people know that masonry is porous, but don’t give much thought to what that means in terms of the chimney. Because brick and mortar absorb water, when they’re exposed to prolonged periods of rain, sleet, and snow, especially when temperatures fluctuate, they can begin to decay and deteriorate. As this happens, more and more moisture is invited in, furthering the degradation. Damaged masonry is often to blame for chimney leaks, but we’re committed to preventing this. That’s why we provide expert tuckpointing and brick replacement services, and professional masonry waterproofing services. Read more at Jiminy Chimney…

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Diagnosing the cause of the chimney leak is the first step in repairing your chimney, which is why you need an expert roofing company that can do this for you. If you are looking for professional roofers in Loudon County VA that can handle your chimney and rid you of any chimney leaks, call us today!

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