Whenever you purchase something, you have the expectation that it will serve its purpose over the longest period of time possible. In fact, most items that have a “long-life guarantee” are very appealing to consumers, and they sell more.

As a homeowner, why not give this appeal to your home by ensuring that every part of your home is in prime condition through regular maintenance practices? Not only will it benefit you in the event that you need to sell your home, it will also help you avoid unnecessary expenses.

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One area that is often overlooked is the home’s upper exterior- the roof. Read more on roofing maintenance in the following article:

Regular Roofing Maintenance: When to Inspect the Roof

You are aging. Don’t deny it. Every day takes its toll on you little by little. Because nobody wants to get old, we do things to delay the inevitable — we eat right (some of the time), exercise regularly (or occasionally) and see our doctors for check-ups to be sure that we have no serious problems. After all, if we take care of the small stuff, it will delay the more serious issues that can shorten our lives.

A roof is the same way. Everyday exposure to sun, rain, air conditioning repair people, and other wear and tear slowly ages the roof membrane until the service life ends. Every extra year one can eke out of the roof is that much more money that can be saved for other purposes. Read full post at Facilities Net


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Now that you know you can go that extra mile in small but very meaningful ways to keep your roof in the best condition, you are on your way to extending its life significantly. More than just the top exterior of your roof, there are other constituents of the roof which, if overlooked, can still lead to some really annoying damages that you can easily prevent. Read all about them in this next article:

3 Quick Maintenance Tips to Make Your Roof Last

A brand-new roof is a massive investment, but no other element of your home is quite as valuable. While the average lifespan of a roof is about 15 years, careful homeowners have a few ways to extend the life of their homes without enduring too many headaches. Take a look at these three quick maintenance tips that will make your roof last.

  1. Keep Your Gutters Clear

Most people don’t think of their gutters as part of their roof, but allowing debris to accumulate and clog your gutters adds extra weight and pulls away at your roof’s fascia, which can be a costly fix. Look down the length of your roof for any signs of sagging or bending – that’s a sure sign your gutters are carrying too much weight and pulling at your roof. Read full post at Porch.com

With all these critical areas of your roof covered, you can get going with roof maintenance. You can be doing regular inspections of your roof by checking for loose nails, broken tiles, clogged gutters, the state of the attic and so on. One invaluable resource to take advantage of is a professional roofing contractor.

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The next article explains this in more detail:

5 Reasons to Use a Roof Maintenance Professional

You may have decided to protect your commercial building with a strong roof warranty, but that’s not the end of the story. It’s common sense that in order for something to last, you need to maintain it. We call on a professional to service our cars, we replace batteries in smoke alarms, and make other fixes to maintain quality and safety.

A property’s low-slope roof system must be maintained or there is risk for costly damage and leaks. Read full post at GAF.com

If you would like professional advice on roofing maintenance or if you need roofing services in Dulles VA, or any area in Northern Virginia, please contact us today.

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