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Image of a roofer doing a roof repair to damaged shingles in Ashburn Virginia

Free Inspection to Locate Any Potential Roof Repair in Ashburn

If the seemingly never-ending winter this year taught Ashburn homeowners anything, it’s the vital importance of regular roof repair and maintenance to ensure a structurally sound house, conserve heating fuel and power, and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature despite wild weather extremes.

Image of Ashburn Virginia home in need of roof repair due to melting snow and ice dam

Melting snow and ice dams in Ashburn cause roof leaks for long periods of time until it is removed and repaired

Our Northern Virginia climate is supposed to be mild and temperate, yet this winter brought ice storms, an above average snow total, and multiple below-zero nights–all of which took a toll on our roof decks and surrounding structures like chimneys, gutters and downspouts.

Losing the Waterproof Effect

Winter is not the only time we should be concerned about the condition of our roofs. Loudoun County homeowners should also be wary of the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation from the sun, high humidity, and temperatures in the mid-90’s and above–all of which are characteristic of summers here. Sunshine, heat and humidity all render your roof less waterproof over time because these forces can break down petroleum-based coatings, cause roofing materials to expand, separate, peel and crack, and warp the plywood deck beneath your shingles–problems that will only worsen over time without proper maintenance and care.

Photo of attic moisture due improper ridge vent repair in Ashburn Virginia

Attic ridge vent repair is needed to create exhaust ventilation at the peak of the roof to stop the moisture droplets that can cause structural damage and mold.

Other weather extremes like high winds, hail, heavier than normal snowfalls, and driving rains (as seen during typical summer thunderstorms in Ashburn) can loosen or tear flashings and shingles, clog or overwhelm gutters and drainage pipes, weaken support beams in your attic, and decrease the life expectancy of your roof. Improperly installed ridge vents can trap excess moisture inside your home and create destructive ice dams—the buildup of ice on your roof edges that prevents melting snow from draining properly. When moisture is trapped on your roof for more than 48 hours–a condition called as “ponding”–it increases the weight load on your roof deck, causing warping or bending.

Weatherization like this degrades your roof year round, so be sure to schedule an annual inspection conducted by a professional roofing contractor to diagnose any small problems before they become costlier larger problems. A properly licensed and insured roofing professional will examine your entire roof system including vents, roof pipes, gutters, dormer windows, skylights and underlying structures in your attic to recommend annual maintenance procedures and pinpoint items that require immediate repair.

Roof Inspector doing a free roof inspection in Ashburn Virginia

Free peace of mind roof inspection In Ashburn to locate roof leaks caused from damaged roof pipe, vents, skylights, windows, blown off shingles and much more.

Finding Leaks

If your roofing contractor identifies any leaks during your annual inspection, repair these leaks immediately before they lead to further damage or potentially health threatening conditions like black mold, mildew, bacteria, or fungi. Leaks that go unrepaired even for one or two years can seriously harm the structural integrity of your home, including any of the following:

•    Missing or loose ridge vents can let water in, which can stain your interior ceilings, ruin your insulation and crumble your drywall
•    Precious home contents like family photographs can be destroyed by water damage, floods, or excessive humidity
•    Leaks often lead to wood rot, which can destroy framing, support beams in your attic, or other load bearing structures in your house
•    Water damage can lead to dangerous electrical shorts in your home, which in turn can increase the possibility of fire or serious injury
•    If the water reaches the base of your house, it can create foundation cracking

Save Money with Roof Repair

As these examples prove, regular and continuous roof repair and maintenance is essential to help you save money over the long term by preventing emergencies, extending the lifespan of your roof and maintaining the energy efficiency and comfort level of your Ashburn home. A small financial investment in an annual roof inspection can pay for itself by helping you identify and fix common roof problems before they become expensive catastrophes.

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