While some people take down the Christmas decorations on December 26th, if you’re anything like my family then you’re only just considering that daunting task. For some, this will mean pulling out the ladder and climbing onto the roof to take down those pretty icicle lights. Any job relating to your roof has the potential of being dangerous – even one as seemingly simple as light removal. That’s why, when doing anything relating to your roof, it’s always a good idea to contact a professional for some quick tips. You can also read further for some thoughts on safety. To begin, in the following article a professional light remover warns of the job’s dangers:

 Christmas Light Removal Tips

For some people decorating their house with Christmas lights is a tradition. But now that the holiday is over, many residents will be climbing back up the ladder to take them down. Don McCarthy, professional light installer with Christmas decor says a ladder is the most dangerous part of installing and removing Christmas lights…

Obviously, the main danger in removing Christmas lights from your roof is the height involved. As the above article says, most injuries occur from ladder accidents. So, before you climb up onto your roof, check out this video for a few key ladder safety tips:

As long as you use your ladder correctly, chances are you will be perfectly safe removing your lights. However, there are still a few more things to keep in mind if you want the job to go smoothly:

 Tips on Removing Christmas Lights From a House

Once the Christmas season is over, many homeowners get anxious to start taking down their outdoor Christmas lights. Before you drag out the ladder and head out into the snow, there are a few tips for removing Christmas lights that you should be aware of. If you do not take your time removing exterior Christmas lights, you could injure yourself and damage your home. …

Removing lights from your roof should not be a terrifying task – but nor should it be taken too lightly. Keep your head, follow a few safety instructions, and you should have no problem. Good luck!

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