A window leak can be so tiny it is invisible, but the hidden effects can add up to more than pocket change.

In a restaurant in the middle of a very rainy day, a booth next to window was especially damp. It wasn’t the damp air blowing in as customers entered that kept the booth cold, it was a leak. The large double layers of glass in a metal frame had a rubbery gasket that acted as a glazing compound to hold the glass in place and seal leaks. The window frame itself was well sealed to the surrounding brick. A customer noticed an area of wetness developing under the window sill.  Amazingly, when we called in to assess why the wall was damp there was no visible leak in the window.

This kind of leak can be common in buildings that need roof repair. Water has a tendency to find the easiest path and sometimes it trickles down the slope of the roof under the waterproof barrier until it reaches an exterior wall. It drips down the inside of the wall and finds hairline cracks around the window where it tries to escape. When you notice water stains around a window, the roof could have been leaking for a long time.

A small roof leak may seem like such a minor thing, why bother? If you take all the leaks that an inspection finds, and put them all side by side, they may add up to a noticeable area—almost like leaving a hatch in the roof open all the time. The bigger the hole, the more money you are losing as the water continues to damages everything it contacts.  This means your roof repair cost is escalating during the days, weeks and months you ignore the problem.  A window leak can be very serious, so don’t take it lightly.

Written by: https://roof.net/

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