Last week I came home from an event in town, went on Facebook, and realized that a mini-tornado had struck right down the street from where I was. I hadn’t heard a thing. At first I was skeptical that it was a tornado – surely it was just a high wind. But eyewitnesses reported that the sky did in fact turn green, the surest warning sign of a tornado.

Fortunately for those living nearby it only took up an old tree and did no damage to nearby houses. But it’s still unnerving to realize that weather events like this can happen so close to home. I never really thought about having wind-protection on my roof because I don’t live in an area that often gets severe weather. But obviously this is something we should be concerned about. Wind can do an incredible amount of damage to an unsuspecting roof:

How Wind Damages Roofs

When the wind is screaming, rain is driving down in five-gallon buckets, or hail is pinging off the ground like popcorn, you know your roof is taking a beating. But when the wind goes from shriek to howl, do you really know what’s going on up there? …

The best offense against wind damage is a good defense. If you haven’t yet had your annual roof inspection, now is the time to contact a roofing professional from clifton and have it done. You need to insure that everything has been installed properly and securely, with no loose shingles. Here are the three keys to a wind resistant roof:

Making Your Roof Wind Resistant After You Have Shingles Blown Off the Roof

Here at Peak Roofing Systems, we specialize in local high-quality roof installation, repair, and damage assessment. When wind speeds increase or large storms roll in, you may find that you are one of the many homeowners with…

Another proven preventative measure is to have a professional come and seal your roof deck. Here’s what I mean:

You never know what the weather might bring. It’s best to be prepared.

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