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In Virginia (VA), we and our roofing vents are always grateful for a cool breeze during the hot, humid summers that happen here. After roof vents installation did you know that your attic vent enjoys the breeze just as much as you? It’s not so much the enjoyment, as the necessity of having enough air circulation in that part of the house with the help of roof repair contractors.  If you don’t, it might be time for another roof exhaust vents. Without air flow through metal roof vents from the uppermost part of your house the consequences can be disastrous.

First, consider all the heat that builds up in the attic with the Fairfax County VA sun beating down on it from morning until night. Trapped from poor roof venting and no way to escape it can get up to fifty degrees hotter than the exterior temperature. If it’s over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit outside, your attic without enough roof air vents will be….we’ll let you do the math! Can you imagine the strain your central air conditioning system is experiencing just trying to deal with the radiant heat from the attic? Now think about the cost of your energy bill for the month. Kind of scary to have insufficient roof attic vents isn’t it?

The next consideration for installing roof vents is the humidity, which we know gets quite thick in our state during the hot months. The moist air in the house rises along with the heat without escaping through the roof ridge vents, and accumulates where it should not. Your attic is not designed to handle excess humidity and when it is present, the results are not pretty. Mildew and black mold grow on the underside of the roof sheathing, the trusses and the insulation. It pools and trickles down the electrical fixtures into the rooms below. If only you had enough roof vents for houses, it could all escape and leave your house alone!

In the winter all we think about is closing everything up to keep out the cold but it needs to be the opposite with the attic. It may sound strange, but the temperature up there needs to be almost the same as the air outside. Solar roof vents and turbine roof vents can help. This is the only way to prevent ice dams from forming when the snow contacts a warm roof and melts. As the melt water goes over the edge of the roof it forms a ridge, forcing the next wave of water back up under the shingles. The attic cooling with functioning roof vents would not let this happen.

Call us today at 703-303-8546 or fill out the form for a free roof inspection for roof vents installation.. We’ll check your Fairfax VA attic vent situation for adequate power roof vents or roofing repair. We’ll install roof vents to save your house from water damage and keep your energy costs down. Roofing vents are a must!

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