Homeowners in our area of Virginia (VA) call us first when they need tile roof repair. Our installers are experts in the unique differences in the care required. Clay, concrete, slate and Spanish tiles are known for their durability and strength; however care must be taken by workmen and other craftsmen when walking on a tile roof.

Chimney sweeps and painters should avoid direct contact with the roof unless absolutely necessary. Most careful workers will use sheets of plywood covered underneath with carpet or foam to prevent slippage and distribution of weight. Occasionally, however, tiles get broken and it’s a wise decision to get them replaced as soon as possible.

Winter can bring heavy snows to our area and the accumulation on the roof can worry many homeowners. They believe the added weight will cause a problem for the integrity of the roof; so they arrange for snow removal. This is not only unnecessary, but potentially dangerous and damaging to the roof tiles. Snow is an excellent insulator and keeping it on the roof until it melts gradually in the spring is a benefit. Snow guards and snow fences placed at strategic locations across the roof’s surface safely hold the snow in place.

Air circulation and shedding solar heat help insulate the home during the hot summer months. Be alert to storm damage from falling tree limbs when the rainy season gets here.

We can quickly and easily replace broken tiles by checking with the manufacturer to match the right style and color. The architectural character of your home is important and you can trust us for professional tile roof repair.

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