The specification for annual roofing repairs that matters the most and will get the greatest distance out of your roof maintenance is a bi-annual inspection. To catch roof issues in time before they turn into emergency roof repairs or entire roof replacement jobs is the full benefit of keeping your roof in good shape and fixing it each year.

Base the work that you are going to do on your roof on the recommendations that you get from the experienced roofing company that gives free inspections. A free inspection is like an interview with the potential roofer. You get the opportunity to check out how much they know and what they can do for you as well as find out how your roof is doing at the same time. Remember, price isn’t everything. Paying less to have a bad roof repair job costs you much more in the long run.

The most common source of roof leaks is either bad or old flashing around your vents, fans, turbines, windows, seams and skylights. An expert roof repairman will be able to recognize potential problem areas and repair them before they turn into leaks, causing costly damage to the interior of your home. You can pretty much gauge an annual budget when you keep your roof in tip-top shape.

Other than unexpected severe weather damage, replacing roofing tiles, caulking flashing, repairing soffit and fascia and gutters are pretty standard fare. The best time to schedule repairs is after your roof inspections after the more severe seasons and storms have come through, while still in good weather for repairs. You want to make sure that your roof is in good shape before your rainy season or hard freezes set to optimize your specification for annual roofing repairs.

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