Image of when a roof repair contractor is needed in Virginia

Roof repair contractors take care of things that go bump in the night!

We received a call from a home owner in one our beautiful, old Virginia neighborhoods surrounded by long-established forests. It seems the family had been awoken several nights in a row by loud thumping sounds coming from the roof. It only lasted a few minutes but was disturbing enough to have everyone in the house on edge. The disruption escalated the night before we got the frantic phone call.

The upset home owner mustered the gumption to get up and check the source of the commotion and came face to face with a rather large raccoon walking down the hallway toward the pantry. He suddenly put two and two together, recalling that someone had been raiding the cookie jar for several days. Automatically he had assumed it was one of his children, but now surmised it was the chunky masked bandit eyeballing him nervously.

When we inspected the roof, we found evidence the raccoon had been jumping from a heavy tree branch near the back of the house. He had craftily removed a section of the vent screens on the roof ridge and made his way into the house by squeezing through the door to the eaves.

It didn’t take us long to reinforce the vent screens to prevent the critter from getting into the house through the roof. We pointed out to the home owner other areas of the house that could be considered weak points were the raccoon could enter. In Virginia, roofing contractors are prepared to handle any situation on the spot!

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