Image of Roofing Repair Contractors use a Chimney Cricket in Virginia

Roofing repair contractors use crickets to help prevent roof leaks.

Not to be confused with “Jiminy” cricket, chimney crickets are an important part of preventative measures for deterioration of roofing materials.

Some chimneys are built so they sit right on the peak of the roof, while others sit part way down the slope. Where the bottom of the chimney and the slope of the roof meet at an angle, a perfectly protected space is created where leaves and other debris collect.

Eventually this accumulation of organic materials begins to decompose, creating enzymes that deteriorate the shingles. Random seeds in the pile can sprout and send roots through the roofing materials. This a typical cause for roof leaks. Hair line cracks in the shingles are enough to allow water to enter and start damaging the roof.

A chimney cricket is a triangular shaped device that gets inserted in the space and fills it in so nothing is able to accumulate there. Leaves, seeds and twigs tumbling down the roof reach the cricket and simple slide over and continue on their way down the roof. You have to make sure it does not end up in the roof valleys or the gutters, but your chimney will be safe.

Virginia (VA) roofing contractors have many “tricks” like this that can help you avoid costly roof repairs and extend the life of your roof for many years to come. With a little attention to your roof each season, you can keep your roof repair costs to a minimum.

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