In this day and age, with so many do-it-yourself blogs and sources out there, it’s tempting to just assume that you can do everything yourself. And when it comes to performing basic landscaping, yard work, or home improvement tasks, this is a perfectly valid assumption. But what a lot of us are bad at knowing is when a task is too big for us to handle. Most roof work falls into this category. Roofing is pretty much always listed in the top five jobs you should avoid doing on your own. This blog, for example, lists it first:

10 Home Projects You Should Never DIY

Obviously, we love all things DIY! But some home projects are just not worth doing on your own: Whether for time, cost or safety reasons. I asked Jeff Kaliner, co-founder of the Power Home Remodeling Group…

But if all I’m doing is replacing one or two shingles, surely it’s fine to do it myself, right? Not always. HowStuffWorks explains:

“Repairing a roof isn’t recommended for a do-it-yourselfer for one reason — it’s easy to fall off… . Repairing a roof shingle or two isn’t the toughest job in the world, but it’s getting up and down and carrying your tools with you that pose the risk of injury or death. It’s also very tiring work, and when you’re tired, you’re more prone to make a mistake. Just a quick slip is all it takes to send you over the edge of a second-story roof.”

If you’re going to attempt basic shingle repair without a professional, at least make sure you have a couple people to help you. Make sure your ladder is stable and secured, and have someone stand at the base to hold it steady. Wear shoes with good grip and move slowly. And of course, never go up on the roof when there’s a lot of wind or rain, or if there’s even a chance of the roof being wet:

“Every year the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports hundred of accidents that result in death that involve high ladders and heights. On top of that there are also thousands of injuries sustained, some very serious indeed. … Working on a roof can be dangerous.” (Read full article.)

A hammer and nails on a roofBeyond the mere danger of the job, there’s also the level of difficulty and the skills required. Let’s be honest. Are you really going to do as good a roofing job as someone who’s been trained to repair roofs and who does it for a living? And if you do make a mistake, how much is it going to cost you financially? Roofs are expensive. The best, safest, and often most cost-effective choice is to hire a professional. Talk to your local Chantilly roofer today.

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