Image when a Roof Shingle Repair Caused by Trees need to be done in Virginia

We never advocate cutting down trees, but maintenance on the trees around your house can prevent unnecessary roof shingle repair. We have replaced sections of shingles on Virginia (VA) homes more than once because nearby tree branches caused damage to the roof.

This is what happens…

Asphalt shingles are made from a composition of various types of materials. The top layer is a covering of small granules, the size of large grains of sand. Although it takes a lot of scraping to make the granules fall off, the constant motion of a tree branch in the breeze will do it. Just like the wear and tear of ocean waves can turn a solid rock cliff into a beach, a branch touching the roof wears down the shingles.

The moment your roof is installed, the UV rays from the sun and the other elements in the weather cause your roofing materials to deteriorate. Add the pressure of a tree branch to the mix and your roof shingles will fail much faster. Once the protective granules are gone, the inner composition of the shingle is exposed to the weather, and roof leaks develop.

If you think your trees are touching the roof take a walk around your house and look for asphalt granules on the ground. If you find some, it might be time to trim your trees. You don’t have to cut them down, but trim them back far enough so they don’t touch the roof. Don’t hesitate to call us to check for roof shingle repair problems.

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