image 0f a roofer fixing roof shingle repair after a bad roof Job in Virginia

We never like to break the bad news to a Virginia (VA) home owner when we have to do roof shingle repair due another contractor’s poor workmanship. In more than 37 years of doing nothing but stopping roof leaks and replacing roofs, we know that “cheap” is not always best.

In this particular case, the home owner had gone for the cheapest quote on a new roof. Although the roof looked good when it was done, a few months later the shingles were falling off every time a wind came up. He called us because the number for the contractor he had used was no longer in service.

Sure enough when we inspected the roof, we found around 8 or 9 shingles missing from random spots. This seemed odd, since typically loose shingles have a sort of domino effect that cause several to blow off close to each other.

Once we got a closer look, we were shocked but not really surprised. The “cheap” roofer had not used a single roofing nail so of course the shingles were not holding to the roof. This accounted for the discount price the owner had been given.

We got our crew up on the roof and nailed the shingles on securely, taking care not to damage any as we did the work. We waited until the Virginia sun had warmed them up enough to be flexible and not crack when we lifted them.

Before you hire a contractor for your roof, get several quotes and references. Call the references they give you. Make sure they are a reputable roof shingle repair company, with proper insurance and licensing.



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