The average cost for roof replacement depends on many things. You probably had a leak and called a roofer, or maybe a salesperson came by after spotting your roof when driving through the neighborhood. Maybe you looked back over your home buying papers and realized, that’s an old roof!

Roof Replacement Costs Vary Greatly

So now you’re calling for price quotes and researching to discover how much it will cost. (Will it be just an arm and a leg or your first born child?) Some factors affecting price are square footage of the home, height of the roof, pitch/steepness, and roofing materials. The shape of the house also is a factor—a one-level long rectangle is simpler to roof than a complicated multi-level L or H shape with of the same size. Dormers, skylights and vents also factor into the price.

A roof replacement can include tearing off the old roof, or a new roof can be put on top of the old one if it is a shingle roof. Putting on a second layer of roofing depends on local building codes, the condition of the roof, and weight. The structure must be strong enough to support the weight of 2 layers of roofing plus winter snow which can be quite heavy. With an old roof, the shingles will be curling up at the edges; the second layer will slump in the heat and conform to the old roof, thus prematurely aging the new roof. A tear-off is the better choice.

Consider cost and longevity of replacement roof materials; a more long-lasting roof adds to your home’s value when sold. While there are roofing calculators online, with so many specifics to consider, it’s best to deal with reality. The average cost for roof replacement is best determined by actual roofer quotes on your specific house.

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