We have some Virginia (VA) customers that developed leaks all over their house and were in need of a roof replacement. The leaks began after a huge storm hit Loudon County a few years back. There had been high winds and lots of flying debris in the air during this storm. Several large branches had broken through the tiles on this roof. The house had ended up with 5 major roof repair spots that were leaking from the damaged roof. It was a deluge in their house as well as outside when it rained there a day later. They really had some major problems. What once began as beautiful barrel tile badly needed replaced. And it needed to be quick. It was fortunate for them we are specialists.   We really focus on our customers’ needs when considering the work. After inspected the damaged roof, we weighed different options for our customer. We found that it was more cost effective for the customer to get a roof replacement, rather than repair the many different spots that were damaged.  It would save them money and cover their home faster. After going over the different options with our customer, they chose to go with a brand new 30 year high definition shingle roof. This is an attractive shingle that really emphasizes the contours of the roof. It is a good looking product and its warranty lasts for 30 years. It is a smart buy. The rains held off for a few days giving us the chance for quick removal of old tile and installation of the new high definition shingles.   Our customers were ecstatic with their new roof. The damage from the storm was horrible for them, but in the end, it all worked out. The roof replacement was beautiful and will serve their family for years to come

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