When you are fixing your roof, especially when it’s covered by insurance, it is good to get at least three roof repair estimates. It is not always best to go for the lowest price; three estimates give you a ballpark range for the needed work. Contractors have had different experiences when repairing roofs. They bring this to their inspections prior to preparing estimates. Each contractor will spot various aspects, however there should be a consensus of problems noticed. Ask as many questions as you need to fully understand the problems and suggested solutions.

When you tour your Virginia (VA) home with the second contractor, wait to see if the second one mentions the same problem that the first one did. If it seems they miss something, then bring their attention to it and gather their opinion. If they failed to notice a problem, that may not be good. However, from their experience, it may not be a major issue. Do the same thing with the third contractor. Regardless of your true budget for the job, you want to know the full extent of the problem and the possible solutions. When you are complete with an inspection, ask them to break out the job into the different problems or solutions and their prices so you can do apples to apples comparison.

When you get the estimates back, if one comes in significantly lower in price, call them back for any clarity on how they are able to give you such a low price. You wouldn’t want to choose them and then they realize they have missed something and cut corners to make up for those omissions. Also check their references from previous clients, Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, friends and neighbors. Roof repair estimates will help you fix things within your budget.

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