Image of our Roof Repair Contractors Never Sleep during an emergency situation in Virginia

Roof repair contractors never sleep! When one of those torrential Virginia storms accompanied by gale force winds is going on, we save our need to rest for later. The most important item on our agenda is to protect you home from extensive water damage. In an emergency situation we have temporary fixes we can put in place until the storm subsides.

Just because you have a new roof or a new home does not exempt you from a roof leak in a bad storm. We have a customer with a house that was built two years ago. She contacted us on our 24-hour service line around 10pm during a storm because water was pouring down from the chandelier in the dining room of her ranch-style home.

Immediately we had her shut off the breaker to her dining room to prevent a short in the wires, which could lead to a fire. When we arrived at her house, the downpour and wind had not backed off in the least. There was no need at that point to worry about electrical shorts since the power was out in the entire neighborhood.

Using flashlights we set up a temporary system to divert and contain the water streaming from the ceiling down the fixture. The next day upon inspecting the roof we found the problem. Several of the new shingles were missing nail holes which meant they were only holding on by the adhesive strips. An entire section had been blown off the roof. We replaced the missing shingles with a perfect match, this time ensuring they were properly secured. Such is the life of Virginia (VA) roof repair contractors!

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