Did you know that some roofs are actually made out of recycled tires? No, I don’t mean that your roof will look like this:

Tires in a jumble

Rubber roofing is growing in popularity. The shingles, which often look just like ordinary asphalt shingles, are made from recycled tires, among other things. They are often used as replacement for asphalt shingles on flat or low-sloped roofs where asphalt shingles don’t work as well:

Rubber Roofs

The roofing industry has known for quite some time the drawbacks of using traditional asphalt shingles on flat or low-pitch roofs. Shingles require a little help from gravity to create a seal against leaks, and with flatter roofs, gravity’s influence…

If you’re considering installing a rubber roof, this article discusses just about everything you’d want to know, including installation and maintenance:

How Rubber Roofs Work

With the exception of those ra­re home repair enthusiasts, one of the most dreaded projects for homeowners is roof repair. A leaky roof can cause major damage to the structure of your home and, if left unchecked, could eventually lead to the damage of many…

Having trouble deciding if rubber roofing is right for you? Read below to see the pros of cons and both asphalt and rubber shingles compared:

 Asphalt Shingles vs Rubber Roofing

Asphalt shingles tend to be the standard on homes across North America. But homeowners have other options, and rubber roofing delivers unsurpassed performance and an attractive finish. …

Rubber roofing can be an excellent alternative to shingle or other roofs, but it may not be right for every situation. While it lasts about twice as long as shingle roofing, it’s also significantly more expensive. If you plan on retiring in your current home, that might be your best option. But if you’re planning on moving in two years, you will probably want to install something that is less of an investment. As always, be sure to contact a Woodbridge roof professional before making any big roofing decision.

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