There comes a time in your life when you know you need a roof inspection and finding a reliable company you can trust is important. This was just the case for one of our clients in northern Virginia (VA). The client had noticed some shingles on the ground in his backyard after a storm and wondered if there had been some damage. He called us to check his entire roof.    The fascia boards had some discoloration indicating there might be some rotting going on underneath. We found the shingles were not properly installed at the gutters allowing water to leak in between.

The decomposed tangle of leaves blocking the flow of water from the gutters indicated another reason for the fascia damage.  We found some exposed areas on the roof where shingles had been blown off by the last storm. Our survey revealed more loose shingles and we checked how the rest of them were fastened down. Some had discoloration and felt brittle. It was a good thing we were checking this roof before the next storm came in.  We also examined the attic for proper ventilation, moisture or dry rot and found everything looked good there. The homeowner was as happy as we were to learn the damage was caught in time to eliminate even more costly repairs.    A few shingles on the ground after a storm might cause you to worry; but finding a reliable company like ours to do a roof inspection can set your mind at ease.

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