Image of Roof Inspection and Home Buying in Virginia

Professional Roof Inspection Before Home Buying is a Must!

If you’ve never had a roof inspection you will be pleasantly surprised. We have been in the roof repair business for 4 decades and are well aware of the damage done by a roof leak, even if it’s a slow one. The beauty of the technology we use is we can accurately predict where you are going to have water issues as far out as a year from the date we assess your roof.

We can even tell you where damage has occurred to your home long after the water has dried up. This information is especially good to have if you are considering buying a home.

One of our customers found out the hard way what happens when you don’t have the roof evaluated before you buy a house. A few months after he moved into the house, he found black mold growing in the insulation due to a slow roof leak. His argument did not stand up in court when he attempted to sue the seller. His home insurance company rejected his claim in a second flat and refused to discuss his problems.

The home owner ended up selling the house at a loss, but called us in to review the house when he decided to buy another one. Most home inspectors do not specialize in roof issues, but we do. Before you buy a house in Virginia (VA) be sure to call us in for a free roof inspection. You could save a great deal of aggravation and expense.

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